Jessica Biel Turns Bad Girl For W Magazine

14 March 2012

We've been captivated by the on-off (and now very much on-again) relationship between Jessica Biel and longtime beau Justin Timberlake for some time now and after spotting the actress flashing her engagement ring this week, we thought things were about to settle down and get all sweet on us. But! It seems that Jessica has other ideas and is planning on shaking things upa notch. 

Oh yes, in an interview with W magazine, La Biel was keen to distance herself from the wholesome 'squeaky-clean' image she's been associated with all these years, declaring that she's going to go 'very, very bad'. Oo-er.

In the interview, Jess revealed details of her rebellious past, saying: 'I cut my hair supershort and dyed it blonde. I had to apologise to Aaron Spelling [the producer on TV show 7th Heaven] for doing that. He wasn’t happy....A really obnoxious friend sent a stripper to the set. I had to apologize for that too... I was always apologising.' Crumbs.

She also admitted to enjoying a bit of a scrap, describing her fight scenes with Kate Beckinsale (which saw the two actresses 'kicking the shit out of each other') in the remake of Total Recall as 'Fun -so fun!'. Hmm, could this foxy minx be the real Biel after all?

To prove she's as good as her word, there's a very saucy shoot to accompany the interview - check her out on the cover wearing a siren-style Louis Vuitton swimsuit, not to mention the rather blush-worthy poolside shot below.

Jessica is obviously mistress of the guessing game - instead of the predictable post-engagement love-fest behaviour (a few piccies with JT on the red carpet maybe, or some gushing interviews about domestic bliss) she switches things up on us and promises to go all 'dark and unhealthy'. How very Sandy from Grease of her. We bet Justin is loving it! So with this new rebel phase in the offing, could there be a leather-clad Vegas wedding before the year is out?

Check out some more piccies from the actress' sexy shoot in the gallery above and let us know whether you buy the new Biel or if you think she should stick to the clean-cut cutie we know and love.

by Francesca Milton


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