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Fashion Carnage at Today's Marni For H&M Launch in London

On our way to work on this sunny Thursday morning, Grazia Daily took a detour to H&M's store on Regent Street where the Marni madness was about to begin...

marni for h&m regent street store.jpg

At 8:30am, the queue was surprisingly orderly and calm, with approximatley 100 excited (but tired) fashion bunnies waiting in the queue and ready to pounce.

The lack of hystericalness was thanks in part to the military-like operation. H&M staff were walking through the line, explaining the rules and showing a board of instructions. How helpful! 'Only one piece per style,' the lady explained. She gave each and every shopper a colour-coded wrist band and allocated them a time slot of ten minutes to shop. Blimey, we were expecting to be TRAMPLED.

marni for h&m queue.jpg

First in the queue was Tammy, a student from Greenwich, who had started queuing at 3am this morning. 'I came with a group of friends so we kept each other awake!' Waiting just behind her was Paulina with a large cup of coffee (dropped off by a very kind friend). 'I'm here for Marni's amazing prints,' she told us. 'I'll be targeting the blue jacket and silk pajama trousers.' See, didn't we tell you it's good to have a game plan?

Grazia Daily managed to sneak inside the store to take a look at the beauties on offer before the frantic grabbing began. It's a prints paradise with the dreamy campaigns starring Imogen Poots hanging from the ceiling. Ooh, what to chose?

marni h&m bag.jpg

And check out these gorgeous green shopping bags! Forget the collection, we wouldn't mind a few of these.

9 o'clock saw the start of the frenzy we'd been waiting for. The doors were flung open and the first batch of shoppers came swarming in. Within seconds, there was snatching, shoving and yes, squealing.

We spotted one avid shopper leaving the penned area with a pile of boxes filled with earrings, but she was quickly reminded of the strict rule - only one piece per style, people! - and had half the boxes taken away. Yeekz!

Meanwhile, the silk trousers were selling like hot cakes! And the printed shorts were proving popular too.

Imagine Supermarket Sweep and you get an idea of the kind of hysteria. There was even Dale Winton a Marni man wearing braces, a bowtie and a printed monochrome shirt. 'THREE MINUTES LEFT!' he hollered checking his ticking stop watch. Go, go, go!

Staff were busy replenishing stock and helping customers stuff their goods into enormous shopping bags.

And check out their cute Marni tops. Jels!

marni for h&m store london barrier.jpg

The next batch due to be unleashed were waiting just outside the pen, anxiously watching their favourite pieces being snapped up and itching to start shopping themselves. 'I want those!' one girl said pointing to the pair of green heels while practically mounting the barrier. Talk about a Marni for H&M zoo!

At the checkout, tills were ring-dinging with a swarm of happy shoppers. Sandra had come up with a strategy in the queue, saw her target and went for it. 'I love that Marni's quirky and not too girlie,' she told us. 'My best buy is the boy's bucket bag.'

And here's Sally. 'I arrived at 4am this morning, but it was worth it!' So how much did she spend? '£270. Ish.' Bravo!

So did you make it to the launch this morning? Or did you pick up your buys online? We want to hear what you bought! So pop a comment in the box below or tweet us at @Grazia_Live. Phewf, we need a lie down.



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Lola Tait (Thu Mar 08 13:09:42 GMT 2012): I just do not understand.
Jean Jeans (Thu Mar 08 14:19:03 GMT 2012): say what
South Molton St Style (Thu Mar 08 15:09:31 GMT 2012): I'm not what would be more frustrating, standing in the cold queuing or sitting (as I have) on hold on the website all morning..
Lottie Laws (Thu Mar 08 15:42:08 GMT 2012): ....and it was all on ebay at 9.10am...
Charlotte Bella (Thu Mar 08 15:54:25 GMT 2012): I have wanted the maxi dress ever since I saw the first shots of it and I got it! Had to refresh my browser for 45 minutes but it was worth it and better than waiting. Roll on summer. x
(Thu Mar 08 15:59:20 GMT 2012): I'vebeen trying ALL day to get teh maxi dress onlien, it keeps saying its avaiable but has sold out as soon as I put it in the basket, all the other clothes have gone off the website once they are sold out grrrr.
(Thu Mar 08 16:15:06 GMT 2012): Took ages but I bought online. I was lucky, I wanted a few things but I wanted nothing as much as the platform shoes I had lusted after for years! (They are basically a remake of a Marni pair from about 3/4 years ago). I would have liked to get a T-Shirt too and a pair of flats but they were already gone. It took patience but I cannot wait to wear them!
Gill James (Thu Mar 08 19:54:41 GMT 2012): Got the maxi dress online. In a queue for while but got there in the end.
Elizabeth Holdsworth (Fri Mar 09 10:58:46 GMT 2012): I bought one top from the Leeds store - and it was nothing like this chaos! Plenty of time and space, all very civilised. I'm really pleased with what I bought and will wear it lots. This piece will not be going to Ebay!
Ruth Ashton-Ward (Fri Mar 09 12:58:15 GMT 2012): Told you I saw it on Oxford St! What size did they go up to? Don't mind me asking?
Tanya Zhelyuk (Sun Mar 11 17:51:28 GMT 2012): My hubby was extremely generous to get me Marni H&M pieces in Warsaw, Poland. He got to the H&M store after his business trip, it was around 1pm at that time. As he says, the store was packed with people, but at least there was no line outside. I love absolutely each piece from this collaboration! Prints, quality and texture are amazing! Can't wait for the next H&M collaboration! http://www.notesbytanya.com/marni-hm/
Tanya Zhelyuk (Sun Mar 11 17:56:13 GMT 2012): It makes we very sad that all this staff gets on ebay beeing 3-times more expensive. it happens with every designer collaboration!