How To Wear Neon For Spring Summer 2012

07 March 2012


Neon is rocking for Spring Summer 2012 and it's the perfect antidote to the sickly sweet sorbets that are all over the place. Not that I don't like a bit of Louis Vuitton frippery, but neon just seems a bit cooler. Under the radar even, if that's acceptable to say considering we're talking luminous greens, yellow, pinks and oranges. It takes balls to wear neon; you won't go unnoticed, you'll be ousted for the fashion loving creature that you are and you'll never get away with pretending you're in a neon green, elasticated over-skirt just because you had it hanging around. Oh no. Neon is for victims (the fashion kind) so you better be prepared to stand behind it.

A Balancing Act

Marc by Marc Jacobs went over all sporty for Spring mixing neon brights with trainers and marl grey sweatshirts. This green Pinko is an awesome way to tap into this; elasticated, plastic-ated, it feels like something a raver ballerina might wear. Pair over jeans to preserve modesty and make it more wearable. Go for an oversized, voluminous sweater to mess up the proportions in just the right way and don't' shy away from statement jewellery just because you're wearing a psychedelic tutu. If you want to go for gold add wedged runners! 


Sweater by COS
Skirt by Pinko
Necklace by Joanne Hynes
Jeans by J Brand

Flashy Cover Up

A chunky neon knit is a great way to tap into the trend in a more casual way. I mixed graphic print high waisted shorts for fun and clashed the prints with Dalmation Dr Martins. Neon is slightly frightening to men (unless they're cyclists in which case you're onto a winner) so you can afford to be a little sexy with a bustier. Random combinations are the best! 
Cardigan and shorts by Topshop
Bustier by Shutterbug
Boots by Dr Martins
Watch by Calvin Klein

Neon Nanna

Ok, not quite Granny garb; more like John Wayne and Margaret Thatcher's love child. There's something utterly dreamy about a neon/lace mash up, spotted by Christopher Kane last year and knocked out by countless high street stores this season. No complaints here. Mix a tidy A-line mini with two tone denim shirt for kicks and giggles. Don't be temped by pointed pumps, this look needs chunky, heavy, ugly* shoes and an inside-out old skool Swatch!

Skirt by Maje
Shoes by Topshop
Watch by Swatch
*in my mind, ugly shoes are the very best, most beautiful kind. So ugly, they're beautiful. It happens with people too, like love and hate, there's a fine line. 



1. Give colour blocking an update with clashing neons. If you're 'ard enough. 
2. Go head to toe in a neon dress. Just keep accessories quiet while your outfit screams out loud. 
2. Stay loyal. People (who don't know fashion) will inevitably jeer your brave choice. Stick together. 
4. Wear neon lippie if the thought of neon clothing rouses awful childhood memories. Nar's Carthage is ace!


1. Half do it. You've got to commit if you're 'doing; neon.
2. Wear fake tan. It smells. Disclaimer; not necessarily specific to neon trend. 
3. Go back to your 80's favourites. Shapes, fabrics and styles have changed dramatically. It may be cyclical but it's never the same!
4. Don't be tempted to belt your Dad's high vis. 



by Angela Scanlon @angelascanlon


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