AnnaSophia Robb is the Young Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City Prequel!?

29 February 2012 by

If you’re anything like Grazia Daily, you’re pant-wettingly excited to hear Carrie Bradshaw Junior has been discovered. Oh yes, after months of speculation that Blake Lively or Elizabeth Olsen are set to star in the much-hyped Sex and the City prequel, a relatively unknown actress has been cast in the coveted role. So folks, say hello to AnnaSophia Robb:

AnnaSophia Robb to Play Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City Prequel ‎

So pwetty! If you’re not acquainted with the 18-year-old (let’s be honest, how many of you have actually seen Soul Surfer?!), allow us to bring you up to speed. For starters, AnnaSophia’s already starred alongside Johnny Depp as the obnoxious gum-chewing Violet Beauregarde in Tim Burton's remake of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and has also appeared in such classics as Race to Witch Mountain, Sleepwalking and Jumper (thanks for the tip, Wikipedia). Since then, we’ve spotted AS-R getting into the fashion spirit at New York Fashion Week when she attended the Lela Rose show in September last year.

AnnaSophia Robb to Play Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City Prequel ‎

So now AnnaSophia will tackle the challenges of our beloved Carrie. As Grazia Daily has oft reported, The Carrie Diaries follows the little poppet as she graduates from high school, moves to the Big Apple to begin her writing career and meets a certain Samantha Jones. We also know Stefania Owen has been cast as Carrie’s 14-year-old sister, although we don’t have any recollection of Carrie having a sibling – despite our avid scrutiny of every episode of the original series. Do shout if you know something we don’t.

What’s more, the Gossip Girl producer and king of teen drama Josh Schwartz is behind the CW show so we’re already anticipating a New Blake Lively in the making – especially since GG’s costume designer Eric Daman is also onboard.

Which brings us onto the issue of costumes. Although no shots have emerged from set (yet), us fashion lot have been busy imagining the wacktacular Eighties attire. We're picturing shiny spandex leotards, leg warmers, power shoulders and Madonna-esque fishnet gloves, all topped off with a magnificent perm. We’re giddy with anticipation, to be frank.

So the question is: can AnnaSophia pull off the most fabulous TV heroine of them all? Sarah Jessica Parker certainly left some seriously big Manolos to fill. Tell us your thoughts in the box below…


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Alberto Dos Santos (Sat Apr 21 02:16:04 BST 2012): yes I beleve if you sour.
Jessie Louise Upward (Wed Jun 27 11:23:43 BST 2012): She does have a sister, she actually has two sisters. You said that you looked through all eps of sex and the city but couldn't find any "proof" so to speak. Although both sisters appear in the book series in which the series is loosely based on and goes by the same name 'The Carrie Diaries'. Looking from the trailer though it seems that they've taken parts from the books and twisted it into their own story line so to speak. Though she doesn't actually meet Sam till the second book, although she is mentioned multiple times in the first book, as she is a friend of a friend. There is a cliff hanger at the end of the first book where Carrie actually comes to NYC for the first time and all her luggage gets stolen, she only has Samantha's number so she calls her and then the book ends. In the second book she ends up living with Samantha after she has a falling out with her flat mates, as she disobeyed the flat "rules". She then meets Miranda because Miranda found her lost luggage in a dump. She then meets Charlotte on the very last pages of the book, they meet on Carrie's train ride back home, at the end of summer. Also I think the reason you haven't really heard of AnnaSophia Robb is because she's been a child actor/star and to your generation she is most likely unknown but to my generation she is quite popular. Personally my favourite film of hers is 'Bridge to Terabithia' which also stars Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson. Sorry for the long comment just though I'd help you out.