Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild Cover: Cool or Ewww?

28 February 2012 by


Madonna’s new single Girl Gone Wild is out now and the cover art is causing something of a stir online. Bloggers and commenters are seemingly outraged about the image which features the currently-blonde singer dancing around in a barely-there black bra and knickers.

Now, Madge in her undies isn’t exactly news. In fact, the megastar’s very first album Like A Virgin also featured Madonna in lingerie – a white lacey basque, to be precise, way back in 1984, and she’s been consistently under-dressed ever since (and often waaay more naked than in this new portrait).

So what’s the problem? Well, it seems the only difference between scantily-clad Madonna then and scantily-clad Madonna now is… her age.

Is a 53-year-old woman (in incredible shape) really that repellent? Seemingly, so. ‘Put some clothes on Grandma you’re embarrassing me’ says one commenter.

Be honest: what was your immediate reaction to the image above? Was it: ‘yup, she’s still got it’ or ‘must you, Madonna?’

Tell us what’s on your mind in the comments below please!



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Joseph Chiha (Tue Feb 28 19:36:22 GMT 2012): My wife and I said...looks amazing...jaws dropped. She isnt a lover, I am...
Carlos Rodriguez (Wed Feb 29 05:24:24 GMT 2012): SHE LOOKS REALLY AMAZING DOn't B A HATER.
Alex SV (Wed Feb 29 09:32:43 GMT 2012): She does look amazing, no need to show that much though. Just not tasteful...
Shawn David (Thu Mar 01 21:12:49 GMT 2012): Wow, you know what? YOU GO GIRL! Seriously... if there are any negitave comments on this... then they are just jelous.... if you got it? Flaunt it... She is in good shape so any haters are only jelous :)
G. Leigh Anderson (Wed Mar 21 18:29:35 GMT 2012): She looks amazing - why does society only applaud the 20 somethings dressed this way - I applaud her!
Devon Poole (Fri Mar 23 20:49:05 GMT 2012): What's eww about an amazing looking 53 year old woman, she Looks better than a lot of young celebs! Agists