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Oscar Awards 2012: the Best Dresses - Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton! - and the Worst - Sandra Bullock in Marchesa!

While you were tucked up in bed last night, the crème de la crème of Hollywood were stepping onto the red carpet for the 84th Academy Awards. Of course, Grazia Daily stayed up until the wee hours to bring you our gallery of dresses (have a gander here) - but after having a few hours to reflect, we can share the good, the bad and the (dare we say it) down right ugly. So take a look then vote for your Best Dressed from the Oscars 2012...

The Best Dressed

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton oscars 2012

1. Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton: She may have missed out on the Best Actress award (Meryl Streep pipped her to the post), but Michelle Williams came up trumps on the red carpet front thanks to this super-cute coral-slash-red gown with a ruched bustline and peplum skirt. It was great to see Michelle vamping it up a notch in such a fiery shade compared to the more demure H&M outfit she wore at the BAFTA Awards. Go Michelle!

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford

2. Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford: Wow, what can we say? A vision in white, Gwyneth set fashion pulses racing in this striking oyster dress and cape from Tom Ford’s uber-exclusive label. For those who can't break away from the layers of organza and voluminous tulle, watch. and. learn.

Meryl Streep in Lanvin oscars 2012

3. Meryl Streep in Lanvin: What a a fantastic dress choice this is - and even better considering Meryl won the Best Actress award (congrats!). This really is a style masterclass in what to wear if you find yourself in the (slightly more) mature category, especially when showing arms + major cleavage isn’t for you. Respect!

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture

4. Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture: Each and every time she hits the red carpet, Ms Stone has us obsessed not just by how beautiful she looks, but by her ability to outshine her fellow red carpet goers without a splash of sequins or a cut-to-the-navel frock. This high-necked gown with a bow is utterly elegant while her flawless skin plus red hair make the perfect canvas. She deserves a massive thumbs up for this one.

Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab Couture oscars dress 2012

5. Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab Couture: Hello old school Hollywood glamour! The model-turned-actress looks a million dollars in her embellished one shoulder gown. And when teamed with her signature retro hair do, red lips and boxy Edie Parker clutch, we’re obsessed.

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji oscar dress 2012.jpg

6. Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji: Octavia doesn’t need any *ahem* help when it comes to her glamazon look. We're loving the minimalist approach and that gathering at the waist enhances her fabulous curves, while the ivory/silver colourway is just classic.

On The Fence

Natalie Portman in Vintage Dior

1. Natalie Portman in Vintage Dior: Forgive us if you love Natalie’s look as we very nearly put her in the Best Dressed category. This vintage polka dot gown has a lot of potential, but there’s just something missing that we can’t quite put our finger on. Could it be the slightly too old-fashioned neckline? We need you to wade in!

Rooney Mara in Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci oscars 2012

2. Rooney Mara in Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci: Now Rooney is a tricky one. Her gown is dramatically gorgeous, despite it being a tad too loose (considering she chose it the morning before the event, we can forgive her), but it's a little predictable, dontcha think? After all, this is her SIXTH Givenchy red carpet look! C'mon Rooney, we want colour!

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad dress oscars 2012.jpg

3. Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad: Oh J.Lo, you look HOT, but we can’t help sensing that if you move out of this poised pose for one second, everything is going to fall out. And we can't be having that.

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen dress oscars 2012.jpg

4. Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen: Perfectly harmless and an incredible piece of craftsmanship, but the Best Supporting Actress nominee let this gown down on the accessories side, making it look a little 'meh'. Who said less is more anyway?!

The Worst Dressed

Sandra Bullock in Marchesa dress oscars 2012

1. Sandra Bullock in Marchesa: Her film Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close may have been nominated for Best Picture, but Sandra won the only award for worst dressed. No no no!

Stacey Keibler in Marchesa oscars 2012

2. Stacey Keibler in Marchesa: Wow. For some reason WWE wrestler Stacey felt her super-hot date (hello George Clooney!) plus her stunning Amazonian looks weren't enough to capture the press’ attention - and so she dressed as an Oscar statuette. Sunglasses please.

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace oscars 2012.jpg

3. Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace: Angelina, Angelina, Angelina. This luxurious jet black velvet gown had the potential to blow us away - the beautiful contrast with her milky white complexion and those fantastically toned arms - but what is with the leg?! If it's a personal joke between you and Brad, it is NOT for public viewing.

But what say you, dear readers? Do you agree with our choices? Join the jury in the comments box below...


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Kimberly Kay Forest Robertson (Mon Feb 27 16:05:20 GMT 2012): Only to look like any of these beautiful women.
Morgan Wagner (Mon Feb 27 16:12:51 GMT 2012): So you want to be a coat rack? Pffft.
Isabel Welby (Mon Feb 27 16:18:28 GMT 2012): Angelina Jolie failed to take the spotlight for showing a leg - not exciting -seen it before!
Cheryl Krisko (Mon Feb 27 16:18:40 GMT 2012): okay, let's see... didn't love meryl's dress although i adore her= i though it looked to big for her. her dress from lat year was way better for the "mature" category. also didn't love emmma stone' dress
Stan Kordela (Mon Feb 27 16:20:05 GMT 2012): love the dress and she has the legs to show off. So many show off the top half with nearly everything exposed.
Brookelle Antonides (Mon Feb 27 16:21:10 GMT 2012): I highly disliked Emma's dress. The bow was just distracting that close to her face.
Cheryl Krisko (Mon Feb 27 16:21:13 GMT 2012): continued! totally agree with regard to Jlo, didn't love the sleeves= too much, or something... agree about angelina's dress, which was gorgeous but the leg!? = odd and unattractive. thought stacy keibler looked stunning!!
(Mon Feb 27 16:23:24 GMT 2012): angelina flaunts her leg only to add drama. she needs it coz although the all black is classic but it is boring and too playing safe...and this is angie we're talkin' about.
Marcia Seltzer Tobias (Mon Feb 27 16:27:37 GMT 2012): I agree with most of your choices BUT...did not like Meryl's dress, too boxy. Loved, loved, loved Stacy Keebler's dress. Think you got that one wrong!
Colleen Patrick Prue (Mon Feb 27 16:28:47 GMT 2012): Bone leg jolie
Mary Kay Hirschi Daugherty (Mon Feb 27 16:38:59 GMT 2012): I agree - Angelina looks way too thin to me. Is she sick or is she doing that on purpose?
Neil Watson (Mon Feb 27 16:39:28 GMT 2012): Stac Kiebler's dress was my favourite dress. I love gold and silver. Agree with most of your choices but you got Stacy Kiebler totally wrong. It was a bit like saying Barcelona are the worst football team in the world.
Suzanne Douglas (Mon Feb 27 16:40:16 GMT 2012): I agree - Stacy was fabulous.
Michael Tiffe (Mon Feb 27 16:40:27 GMT 2012): hmm you number one looks like she is wearing the curtain or tablecloth from some trashy resturant.
Susan Wells (Mon Feb 27 16:43:07 GMT 2012): You missed the best dressed and that was Penelope Cruz. She was gorgeous in her periwinkle chiffon gown. I believe it was by Armani. I was not thrilled by anyone elses choices. I think they are all too painfully skinny except for Octavia who looked the best after Cruz who is skinny but I think can't help it. Oh, and why do we encourage thin mint women when they look so starved?
Susan Wells (Mon Feb 27 16:49:12 GMT 2012): JLo? Seriously? I think she looked awful and so did Cameron Diaz- ouch! I thought Emma Stone's dress was AWFUL.. it did nothing for her. I guess I had to be there. Angelina is just tooo thin--there is nothing sexy about a woman whose had how many children and still can't get curves? Ha! I did not like Meryl Streep's dress. I am mature and would not put that sack on me especially in that awful gold color. Bleck... Yes, you got it right with Sandra Bullock... she always looks like a vampire to me when she goes to those awards. What happened to the healthy, spunky woman she always plays in her movies? Huh? Michelle Williams? You like that dress? the only thing nice about was the color cause it gave her sickly white face some color.
Karen Krakowski (Mon Feb 27 16:59:14 GMT 2012): Oh dear Lord Ms. Sandra Bullock, I love you dearly, but girl, what is with that dress!
Lenn J Geddes (Mon Feb 27 17:07:47 GMT 2012): aww what happened to Angelina? OMG She's waay too thin! Meryl's dress was hidious (yah she's older - but come on lady you coulda got a waay better dress than that!)... and yah I gotta agree, stacey keeblers dress was pretty cute (maybe it was the handsome accesory on her arm - I dunno lol ) awww holy people are you crazy? I think J-lo looked pretty awesome for her age! but I'd say, THE best dressed.... Milla Jovovich!
Priscilla Mcnab (Mon Feb 27 17:11:00 GMT 2012): Keiblers dress was pretty...poor jlo was showin nipple tho
Laurie Kirk Fisher (Mon Feb 27 17:13:35 GMT 2012): agree for the most part. Angelina looked un-sexy and skeletal in her dress. Knobby, boney knees are not a mark of sex appeal. And during her presenting, is it my imagination or was JLo's you-know-what showing?
Lenn J Geddes (Mon Feb 27 17:14:11 GMT 2012): awww was she?? lmao! didnt even notice!
Mary Alice Hamilton Henry (Mon Feb 27 17:28:40 GMT 2012): I agree with your comments. I think this Angelina pose is vulgar...just like her. She is an attitude. I thought her dress was the ugliest. It looked like the dress that Scarlett O'Hara made from the drapes at Tara.
Melody Lee (Mon Feb 27 17:38:56 GMT 2012): I thought Meryl Streep's dress looked like the curtains on the stage lol And I thought Cameron & J-Lo both looked good, but that whole moment on stage was awkward or something... too good-looking for each other haha
Colleen Patrick Prue (Mon Feb 27 17:48:01 GMT 2012): People mag said and I quote" Angelina what ever that "leg thing" you where doing, if thats a joke between you and Brad? please keep it out of the public view".....OUCH!!!..other then then her skelton like leg, I thought she looked "ok"
Tori Taylor (Mon Feb 27 17:48:24 GMT 2012): Oh come on! You don't get any more gorgeous than Angelina looked, I agree , Sandra picked a downer. But Emma Stone for best dressed REALLY? She looked like she was trying to asphyxiate herself! Too Much. And J Lo, Best looking drag queen ever!
Lenn J Geddes (Mon Feb 27 17:49:23 GMT 2012): AHAHAHA Curtains! no kidding!!!!!
Alasia Kinton (Mon Feb 27 17:53:59 GMT 2012): You're J Lo comment made my day, lol!
Hannah Tjarks (Mon Feb 27 17:58:57 GMT 2012): I have pretty pale skin myself, so I wasn't going to judge Michelle on that--BUT, she didn't need that extra mini-skirt on the dress. I think it would've been really pretty if it would've just been one layer.
Jean Skolnik Andersen (Mon Feb 27 18:06:07 GMT 2012): Priscilla Mcnab That's so funny you said that, because when she was on stage with Cameron, I could have SWORN that's what I saw, too! But nobody else in the room said anything so I just figured it was me. It was the left one! LOL! Surprised nobody else has said anything.
Susan Wells (Mon Feb 27 18:06:48 GMT 2012): Hannah Tjarks Yep, exactly. I think the color was great on her because she is so pale, but the dress itself would have looked better with that extra mini-skirt. I looked at other photos of Meryl Streep in that dress, and I have to take back my comments cause it did actuallly look nice on her. I was too harsh... so I went and took another look at other websites and she did look nice. Sorry everyone.
Robert Harris (Mon Feb 27 18:07:42 GMT 2012): Apparently you didn't like any of the dresses.
Susan Wells (Mon Feb 27 18:07:58 GMT 2012): "without" that extra mini-skirt. Sheesh!
Tori Taylor (Mon Feb 27 18:16:03 GMT 2012): Jezelle Vancartier , you know it, I thought Sandra looked more beautiful than ever, however that gown looked homemade, I agree Penelope, on the money! I really loved Gwenyth in that white Tom Ford, she is Hollywood Royalty and it showed, ( it doesnt always)
Susan Wells (Mon Feb 27 18:22:10 GMT 2012): I liked Penelope Cruz's dress. She was gorgeous. Par excellence!
Michelle Norris Smith (Mon Feb 27 18:30:52 GMT 2012): JLo - too slutty, Michelle - too weird of a color, Sandra - too matronly, Octavia - absolutely perfect!
Cheryl Fort (Mon Feb 27 18:35:42 GMT 2012): My best Dressed are: 1. Milla Jovovich 2. Sandra Bullock, this picture does nothing for how beautiful it is and by God it's not form fitting! Ties for 3. Stacey Keibler and Octavia Spencer Worst Dressed: 1. Michelle Williams - I did not like this dress at all, everyone was raving about the clutch and I think the whole get up is tacky! 2. J Lo, I agree it looks like one move is going to make everything fall out! 3. Rooney Mara, I didn't like the fins on the front...and it seemed to be see through! Just didn't like the dress or the hair, make up was good though!
Cheryl Fort (Mon Feb 27 18:38:32 GMT 2012): I agree Cruz looked amazing in her dress, but her HAIR was awful!!
Bettye Law Boone (Mon Feb 27 18:44:03 GMT 2012): I am not a fan of Angelina and agree with you.
Robin Guidry (Mon Feb 27 18:52:06 GMT 2012): Emma Stone looked beautiful as did all the ladies mentioned but as I commented on one of your posts earlier... Angelina needs to eat. she needed sleeves and a 4pc with a biscuit.
Christine Thompson- Fuehr (Mon Feb 27 19:08:31 GMT 2012): Angelina-"fantastically toned arms"????? My husband (who works out at a Bootcamp) and I were shocked by how scrawny her arms looked. We saw toned arms last night but poor Angelina's weren't some of them. Are we the only ones who saw this?
Susan Wells (Mon Feb 27 19:32:09 GMT 2012): Actually Robert, I loved Penelope Cruz's dress by Armani. She looked so gorgeous in it. I also loved Octavia's dress and Milla Jovovich's dress. I loved Angelina's dress but thought it needed to be on someone like Charlize Theron who has more height and more curves to do it justice. Another person who looked great was Robin Williams. She seems to understand that mature women can still show their curves off and not have to cover them with a golden bathrobe. So, yes, I liked a lot of the dresses but perhaps not quite on the people who wore them. :)
Susan Wells (Mon Feb 27 19:33:38 GMT 2012): Yes, Cheryl, I agree. I don't know why it is that the hair has to go up at events like this. I think she should have left it down. She is so still ingenue!
Susan Wells (Mon Feb 27 19:36:15 GMT 2012): Robin Roberts not Robin Williams.
Jonjoe Cassidy (Mon Feb 27 19:51:49 GMT 2012): Oh dear, Meryl, Emma at the Top and Angelina at the bottom. So wrong Grazia!
Mary Pietsch (Mon Feb 27 19:56:13 GMT 2012): Natalie Portman deserved to be on the best list. Did not like Meryl Streep or Emma Stone's choices. Agree on Sandra Bullock being on the worst dressed list! Overall a rather disappointing year for gowns.
Ivona Kazmierczak (Mon Feb 27 20:54:41 GMT 2012): I have noticed that too, she is all bones, very unattractive!
Ivona Kazmierczak (Mon Feb 27 20:56:11 GMT 2012): Very disappointing year , so many blah blah dresses..... My fave Gwyneth Paltrow, all class and elegance and NO Leg Thing!
Ivona Kazmierczak (Mon Feb 27 20:57:39 GMT 2012): Gwyneth Paltrow all the way... class and elegance and NO Leg Thing!
Sally Fleming (Mon Feb 27 21:44:43 GMT 2012): hahaah cher have you been hacked????
Susan Wells (Mon Feb 27 22:04:24 GMT 2012): One more for the gipper: Gwyneth Paltrow's gown looks like she is the Bride of Magneto on X-Men. Halle Berry where were you with your good taste!
Cheryl Krisko (Tue Feb 28 00:37:01 GMT 2012): heavens no! its TOTS
Cheryl Krisko (Tue Feb 28 00:38:23 GMT 2012): Ergh damn ipad ~ its totally moi!
Cheryl Fort (Tue Feb 28 13:11:32 GMT 2012): I was watching clips of the awards last night and I think Ang's leg is some kinda joke and poking fun...I thought it was great! To have the self assurance to do that among all your peers and industry leaders...I would of folded, for sure. When looked at in the light of humor I think she was very brave.
Aricel de Vera (Tue Feb 28 15:04:46 GMT 2012): i like the way of angelina in fashion she look very sexy....in her right leg...jen back off
Tom Ray (Tue Feb 28 16:00:53 GMT 2012): All I saw was leg......................