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And Grazia’s Fashion Blogger of the Year Is...


Congratulations to Sheree Millee of Glitz N Grime who received a whooping 55% of votes for her brilliant show report. You can read Sheree's full report for Holly Fulton's Autumn Winter 2012 collection here. We send our huge thanks to everyone who took part in the competition and for all those who voted. Stay tuned for more blogging fun coming soon...

24/02/12: VOTE For Grazia’s Fashion Blogger of the Year

Remember last month when we launched our Fashion Blogging Masterclasses at the Apple store in London’s Covent Garden? Well, naturellement, we had to follow that up with a competition to find the Grazia Fashion Blogger of the Year. We asked you to write a post on the subject of Fashion As It Happens (it’s the Grazia Daily mission statement, dontcha now). And of course, we had an avalanche of entries.

So just in time for London Fashion Week, we selected three semi-finalists to battle it out for the honour of being Grazia Fashion Blogger of the Year.
The lucky bloggers - Aelrid Turner of Olive Collar, Polly Allen of My Soul Is Raining Clothes and Sheree Millee of Glitz N Grime - were treated to FROW tickets for Holly Fulton’s Autumn/Winter 2012 catwalk show during London Fashion Week. And, as if that weren’t exciting enough, our semi-finalists were given an extra-special prize of an Apple iPad each. Oh, and a copy of Grazia’s brand new and gigantic 264-page fashion issue, of course.

After the show, the fashion bloggers were set the task of writing Grazia Daily’s show review for Holly Fulton’s presentation and they have just filed their reports. Now now we want your feedback! 

So please read their reports and vote on which is your fave by using our poll above. 

1. Click here to read the report by Aelrid Turner of the Olive Collar blog

2. Click here to read the report by Polly Allen of My Soul Is Raining Clothes blog

3. Click here to read the report by Sheree Millee of the Glitz N Grime blog

The writer of the winning show report will be crowned Grazia’s Fashion Blogger of the Year and the full report will appear in our Shows section. Go, go, GO!


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John Ritchie (Thu Feb 23 22:24:36 GMT 2012): Vote for Aelrid.
Ben Thorpe (Thu Feb 23 22:28:52 GMT 2012): VOTE FOR SHEREE! Witty and well written, a deserved winner.
Julie Jaques (Thu Feb 23 22:30:00 GMT 2012): Vote for sheree
Linzi Grayson (Thu Feb 23 22:30:34 GMT 2012): love the article by Sheree Millee- vote for her x.
Delroy Watson (Thu Feb 23 22:33:22 GMT 2012): i did vote for Sheree you girl
Nancy Dean (Thu Feb 23 22:34:18 GMT 2012): Vote for Sheree Milli a true fashionista
Linzi Grayson (Thu Feb 23 22:39:51 GMT 2012): How can you have 101% of votes? its not adding up!
Maggie MacRitchie (Thu Feb 23 22:56:08 GMT 2012): vote for Aelrid.
Maggie MacRitchie (Thu Feb 23 23:16:55 GMT 2012): check out Aelrid's fab photos.
Dianne Eden (Thu Feb 23 23:40:56 GMT 2012): I have to say Sheree's article is fab. She has to win
Damien Monkman Alc (Fri Feb 24 04:44:25 GMT 2012): I vote for sheree for my boy milli nuff love pal.
Kye Castle (Fri Feb 24 09:17:24 GMT 2012): wow what an article sherrie in my mind a clear winner you must have a brain for fashion as your words are wrtten with pashion hope you win come on vote for sherrie millie.
Rosie McIntosh (Fri Feb 24 09:57:02 GMT 2012): vote for aelrid!
Nancy Dean (Fri Feb 24 10:13:16 GMT 2012): I agree, everyone is voting foe Sheree and the % is not changing!!
Nancy Dean (Fri Feb 24 10:14:43 GMT 2012): 45 mins to go...big up to Sheree Milli. Please vote for this very talented young lady!
Kirstin Anna Kubczynski Kerr (Fri Feb 24 11:19:15 GMT 2012): Aelrid's piece is amazing!
Nancy Dean (Fri Feb 24 12:01:00 GMT 2012): please keep voting it's still open!!!!!
Nancy Allen (Fri Feb 24 12:51:48 GMT 2012): I'm clearly biased, but Polly Allen's report is by far the best...
Jennie Francis (Fri Feb 24 13:24:52 GMT 2012): Really sorry Polly did not win - surprised too as most of my students voted for her. We just did a class on social media and blogging in fashion and they all had to analyse the reports and select which one they thought was the best...However to be one of the top three fashion bloggers and get to see LFW is great so well done Polly! xx
Rlckie McneiIl (Fri Feb 24 13:37:50 GMT 2012): ( naw ).
Richard Reason (Sat Feb 25 20:10:40 GMT 2012): Loving Sheree's work.
Gareth Chubb (Sat Feb 25 20:12:31 GMT 2012): Me too.
Sheree Milli (Sat Feb 25 20:15:46 GMT 2012): Thank you x