Emmanuelle Alt on THAT Wham! Video!

23 February 2012 by

When French Vogue Editor Emmanuelle Alt arrived at the Fendi show in Milan today, Grazia Daily made an embarrassing show of itself by scrambling like a crazed maniac over several unimpressed fashion editors to talk to her.

Why? That Wham video, of course!  We wanted the full low-down, and lovely smiley Ms Alt (*girl crush*) was very happy to tell us how it all came about…
So first of all, let’s end a few rumours. The set was purpose-built just for the viral video, it wasn’t just left over from a fashion shoot. Oh, and it was Alt’s own idea (how we LOVE this woman!).
She explains ‘They wanted something for the new (French Vogue) website. So we wanted to do something very special, something fun, something very unexpected. And something that people would click on!’
Alt came up with the idea of recreating a classic music video ‘I didn’t really [have to] think about it too much, because you know, I love Wham and George Michael!’ (btw there is something  infinitely charming about hearing this declaration, made loud and proud, in the middle of Milan Fashion Week). She chose Wake Me Up Before You Go Go ‘this one was easy - the set is just white, with white clothes…and it’s easy [to sing] for French people.’
Inevitably, the shoot took longer than expected ‘It was tough, but it was fun to do. It was just to make people smile and I’m happy that everyone reacts so positively to it’.
Grazia Daily suggests that perhaps part of the wave of good feeling towards the video is down to the fact that it isn’t really the kind of stunt you’d expect from a Vogue Editor.
‘Well, it’s my way of being! I didn’t [have to] force myself! I love to dance, I love to sing. I don’t think that I’m inaccessible?’ She looks genuinely appalled at the possibility. ‘I think we shouldn’t take this [fashion] too seriously. In the end, it’s just clothes and we’re in a very privileged world.’
So forget fashion – could a pop career beckon next? Alt laughs; ‘Yes! A concert! The world tour!’




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