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Kate Middleton LOVES The Only Way Is Essex!

kate middleton at alder hey children's hospital where she revealed she likes TOWIE

You will not BELIEVE what Kate Middleton has revealed she likes to watch on TV on those long cold nights while Prince William is away on hs tour of duty*. Re-runs of 'To The manor Born'? Nope: TOWIE. Yup; that TOWIE. The one with Lauren Goodger, and Mark Wright, and Nanna Pat, and Sugar Hut. And vajazzles.

Kate visited Alder Hey Children's Hospital on Tuesday, and she revealed to one member of staff while she was there that she's a big fan of the show, with a source revealing to the Daily Star that 'after a while Kate started talking about TV and told us she watches The Only Way Is Essex. She had us all laughing, saying she never misses an episode and that Lauren Goodger is her favorite. Kate said she really hopes that Lauren doesn’t get back with Mark because "he is not nice enough to her"'.

Uh. May. Zing.

UPDATE: it seems that Lauren herself is as excited as we are that Kate likes TOWIE, becuase she tweeted 'Cheered me up loads hearing Kate Middleton loves TOWIE & I'm her Favourite!Love it!Future Queen of England def a good fan to have!Love her!x' True, Lauren. Very true.

Of course, this is not the only time Kate and TOWIE have been thrust together on the pages of Grazia Daily; who can forget the time last december when Amy Childs donned the black and white Zara dress kate had sported mere days before? And, hang on a cotton pickin' minute, didn't Lydia Bright wear the Reiss dress which Kate wore to meet MoBama?

Maybe there's something in this after all....

And, come to think of it, there are a few more similar, if not the same outfits we could talk about...



Kate Middleton LOVES The Only Way Is Essex!Kate Middleton LOVES The Only Way Is Essex!

*We're guessing it's not his scene, though after this revelation, who knows.


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Zoe Watts (Thu Feb 16 12:03:46 GMT 2012): Neither of them appear to be the same dress as worn by KM!
Edith Wenzel (Thu Feb 16 21:26:30 GMT 2012): Kate looks better in the dresses than any of the celebrities. And, not all of the dresses are the same so why do the comparison.
Kate Middleton Style Blog (Thu Feb 16 21:55:14 GMT 2012): Kate! Watches TOWIE? Noooooo!
Martin Pavicic (Thu Feb 16 22:21:52 GMT 2012): The dress is a woman if that is as slim as Kate Middleton has!!!
Martin Pavicic (Thu Feb 16 22:22:15 GMT 2012): The dress is a woman if that is as slim as Kate Middleton has!!!
Dawn Medows (Thu Feb 16 22:28:38 GMT 2012): I'm from the US and i didnt know what this show was, so i google and got "The show has been described by the Daily Mirror as Britain's answer to The Hills and Jersey Shore." LOL thats great!