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So Why Is Kate Middleton Wearing Jesiré - A Brand That Is Now Defunct?

We all know that Catherine Middleton is fond of a coat dress or two, of that we are sure. We also know that the Duchess is no stranger to the high street and flies the flag for chic-but-cheap finds. We are well versed on Kate’s repeat wears and resourcefully versatile wardrobe. 

So Why Is Kate Middleton Wearing Jesire - A Brand That Is Now Defunct?

But - and this is a big but - we never expected to see the cost-per-wear-aware KM bring out a high street coat dress we’ve never seen before when we were waiting for her to turn up to her first solo appearance wearing something ridonkulously grand! What's more, Jesiré is a slightly random label that is now *GASP* defunct.

We’ve googled, we’ve eBayed, we’ve phoned former PRs and ex-stockists of the brand, but this particular piece is turning out to be a total and utter mystery. Where and when did the Duchess get it? How much did it cost? Has it been sitting in her wardrobe for yonks or did she recently buy it from her favourite second-hand store?

What we do know is in March 2011, the likes of John Lewis and House of Fraser were holding a closing down clearance sale for Jesiré. We also know that the Middletons are regular visitors at Jeanne Petit in Hungerford, Berkshire, where they've been seen buying one-off pieces. They also shop at The Stock Exchange in Sunninghill, Berkshire, which sells second-hand clothing and is described on the website as 'the premier venue for the fashion conscious bargain hunter'. Hmm, maybe this high-profile outing for Jesiré will lead to a revival for the brand? 

Either way, we think this thrifty selection from the Duchess should be applauded. Why? Most girls, given the opportunity to attend the opening night of the Lucian Freud Portraits Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, would fast opt for a mega-bucks gown - but not Kate. Plus, not only does she look as elegant and understated as ever, but that fit-and-flare silhouette does technically follow the mid-20th century ‘New Look’ that Dior once trail blazed and is currently reappearing on the Spring Summer 2012 catwalks. It also keeps anyone who’s interested on their toes with such a surprise choice.

But the real question is, will her die-hard followers EVER be able to get their hands on the same item? There's a K-Middy fanclub melt-down on the horizon...


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Vintage Smart (Thu Feb 09 19:30:52 GMT 2012): Isn't she to be permitted the freedom to wear something that cannot be instantly copied? This dress has a vintage 50's feel to it and whilst it may not do much for modern highs-street sales it may do something for the huge vintage industry even if that was not her intention. Give the woman a break!
Roseméa MacPherson (Thu Feb 09 20:35:38 GMT 2012): I think it is brilliant! I loved it! I like her uniqueness! Great taste! XOXOXOXOOXOX
Jacki Leigh (Fri Feb 10 00:22:58 GMT 2012): The Horror!
Marie Ke (Fri Feb 10 00:51:09 GMT 2012): I love her in this dress. Elegantas usual. You go Duchess!
Karlene Scott (Fri Feb 10 01:57:05 GMT 2012): and why don't we all leave this poor girl alone...and her sister?
Lisa Deutsch (Fri Feb 10 04:07:57 GMT 2012): KM shops second hand... Had no idea. Must say this dress is pretty fab.
Lucy Ricketts (Fri Feb 10 16:45:58 GMT 2012): Might someone rescue the brand? Like Ben De Lisi rescued principles? Personally I loved it and have quite a few jesire suits and dresses.... most with a nod to 50s style and would welome a revival, some how I missed the closing down sale as I was on a "no shopping" regime, saving every penny for my wedding last June - gutted to have missed out! Jesire coat dresses were normally around £150 to £200 price point, if I remember right. There's a reason that it's difficult to find any second hand at the moment - nobody want's to part with such well made, flattering and stylish pieces.
Franciele Ritz (Fri Feb 10 20:29:10 GMT 2012): Oi Rosemea eu vi que voce tambem fala portugues do Brasil... Voce mora no Brasil??? xoxoxo
Roseméa MacPherson (Fri Feb 10 20:35:12 GMT 2012): @ Franciele - Sim falo portuingles.. Nao more nos Estados Unidos ha 35 anos. Morei mas aqui do que no Brasil!!! Vim estudar e me casei com um Americano que estava na Marinha Americana. XOXOXOXOXO
Franciele Ritz (Fri Feb 10 20:38:07 GMT 2012): Nossa que maravilha.. Eu sou brasileira e moro na França!!! Me casei com um frances!!! Eu vi que temos duas coisas em comum, uma delas e gostar de como Kate se veste... xoxoxoxo
Roseméa MacPherson (Fri Feb 10 20:42:56 GMT 2012): Franciele Oliveira - 4 coisas: saimos do Brasil...casamos com estrangeiro - gostamos da Kate e de como ela se veste!! Ela e muiot linda. E estou adorando falar com ela e com o Prince William! Nem acredito!!! Eles sao MARAVILHOSOS!!! Adore eles...hehe! Bye!! XOXOXOXOX
Tiffany White (Fri Feb 10 20:45:57 GMT 2012): As usual, she steps out in something totally fab. Love her fashion sense!
Diane Louise Jennings (Sat Feb 11 21:15:47 GMT 2012): In 2009 I loved this classic original so much I managed to secure my very own, boy was I shocked when I saw it on the front of a national newspaper this morning! How excited was I :-)))....... keep your eye on a very well-known on-line auction site! You too could look like a Duchess!
This freelance life (Tue Feb 14 11:27:24 GMT 2012): Agree with Vintage Smart - she's going for a unique look and if it encourages people to recycle their clothes or go to vintage stores all the better. Not great for those industries who rely on peddling new tat - but good for the thrifty among us.
Samantha Soames (Tue Feb 14 12:40:33 GMT 2012): I've been a fan of vintage shops for ages - but now charity shops are proving a great find. http://www.moneymagpie.com/article/how-to-get-kates-vintage-look-without-looking-like-kate
Sue Marshall (Wed Feb 15 12:21:15 GMT 2012): I always loved Jesire, have one of their trouser suits that I have worn for last 8 years, never dates. Isn't it part of another larger label?
Maria Rosal (Thu Mar 08 04:04:16 GMT 2012): It proves the girl is a gifted fashionista who knows and excell in how to wear stylish clothes ! Also shows that she is humble, simple and down to earth ... conveying a message of simplicity in this trouble economic times...Go Duchess!