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Kate Middleton Wearing A Grey Jesire Coat Dress At The Lucien Freud Portraits Exhibition

The red carpet is out and tonight Grazia Daily is hob-nobbing with Royalty (and otherwise.) Yep, we’re at the National Portrait Gallery for the Lucien Freud Portraits Exhibition to greet none other than the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton is here to carry out her first official duty, on her own. So we thought we’d pop down to support her – and we’re not the only ones. Kate’s fans are Out. In. Force.

Kate Middleton Wearing A Grey Jesire Coat Dress At The National Portrait Gallery! Kate Middleton Wearing A Grey Jesire Coat Dress At The National Portrait Gallery!

For the occasion, the Duchess chose to wear a double breasted coat dress in grey, which the Palace confirms is made by Jesiré. It features a full, flared skirt and a shawl collar draped over her shoulders and is nipped in at the waist with a belt.

Kate Middleton Wearing A Grey Jesire Coat Dress At The Lucien Freud Portraits Exhibition: UPDATE

Kate's accessorised her look with a black clutch adorned with a bow, a silver necklace and matching diamond bracelet. Brilliant blog What Kate Wore confirms that her earrings are the pair that we first saw in Canada while the necklace is in fact an Asprey Button Pendant that consists of white pavé diamonds surrounding a central amethyst, all set in 18ct white gold. Well, she is a Duchess.

As for her footwear, the DoC chose black court shoes in suede by Jimmy Choo. Many of you have noted she was wearing nude tights. And her brunette tresses are in their signature style - loose and impossibly glossy. Here's a full length shot of her inside the gallery:

Kate Middleton Wearing A Grey Jesire Coat Dress At The Lucien Freud Portraits Exhibition: UPDATE

The Duchess of Cambridge is visiting the London gallery in Trafalgar Square to view the Lucian Freud portrait exhibition. Late last year, the Princess became patron of the gallery – not surprising, since she has a degree in history of art from St Andrews, where she famously met her Prince.

Image courtesy of @frances_skynews

Kate, who is said to greatly admire the artist, will be treated to a private viewing of Freud’s work, featuring his most important portraits from the 1940’s right through to the one he was painting shortly before he died in 2011.

And, Grazia Daily has heard on the grape-vine that soon enough, Kate could soon be appearing at the gallery herself. No, we’re not repeating ourselves – though she broke protocol by refusing to sit for a painting following her wedding in April, rumours suggest that Kate is in talks to sit for her first official portrait.

Kate Middleton Wearing A Grey Jesire Coat Dress At The Lucien Freud Portraits Exhibition

Speaking to the Evening Standard, gallery director Sandy Nairne said: 'It's very early days, but we've started a discussion. It will be at least the summer before there's anything concrete and we can start to look for an artist.

'It's very exciting. She came to see us last September when she was deciding which organisations to support. She was fizzing with intelligent questions.'

Kate Middleton Wearing A Grey Jesire Coat Dress At The Lucien Freud Portraits Exhibition: UPDATE

Wowza, ‘fizzing’ - we can’t wait to see it, can you? The Freud exhibition opens to the public tomorrow and will run until May 27. But for now, do tell: what do you make of Kate's latest outfit? And for more of the DoC's ensembles, check out Grazia's Kate Middleton Look Book.


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Carolyn Campbell (Wed Feb 08 20:11:42 GMT 2012): mmmm No. I don't feel it does a thing for her.. though the collar very much reminds me of the ones that Diana used to favour in the very early days as Princess of Wales. Catherine looks much more "regal" in more structured necklines. IMO :)
Anna Nowok (Wed Feb 08 20:23:49 GMT 2012): She wears stockings...
Stephanie Rusen (Wed Feb 08 20:31:56 GMT 2012): Excellent choice for an evening event. I like the collar.
(Wed Feb 08 23:49:42 GMT 2012): Her hair is looking very healthy. It actually looks like she has had a trim.
Erin Waldie (Thu Feb 09 02:45:25 GMT 2012): The outfit makes her look much older but she looks great..I agree that she looks better with structured necklines. This outfit reminds me of the costume wardrobe worn by actresses in the film "The Help"..late 1950's early 60's.
Marilyn Walker (Thu Feb 09 08:45:32 GMT 2012): Beautiful
Debbie Sheridan (Thu Feb 09 10:07:47 GMT 2012): love it - reminds me of 1950s Dior - Kate would look good in a sac though. Classic!
Mina Robinson (Thu Feb 09 10:15:33 GMT 2012): Isn't it a bit boring? It may be Diana's fault I wore a puffball skirt but at least it was interesting.
What Kate Wore (Thu Feb 09 17:25:29 GMT 2012): Eek! Just saw this, now blushing the most mortifying shade of red, thank you for the kind mention. :)
Lauren Stagg (Thu Feb 09 17:30:22 GMT 2012): amazing!!! great job!
Tricia Long (Thu Feb 09 17:34:55 GMT 2012): Well deserved.....
Andrea Mill Martin (Thu Feb 09 17:38:18 GMT 2012): It is "brilliant"!! But was she really bare-legged? Could swear there was a sheen when she was getting out of the car...
Kate Middleton Style Blog (Thu Feb 09 17:42:13 GMT 2012): Well done on the mention WKW :-D I loved this look!
Hayley Marriott (Thu Feb 09 17:46:30 GMT 2012): Well done! You deserve it :) xx
Anna Nowok (Thu Feb 09 17:48:20 GMT 2012): She wore stockings.
Steph Hänggi (Thu Feb 09 17:57:17 GMT 2012): oh pretty Kate!
Julie Repitor (Thu Feb 09 17:59:37 GMT 2012): of course its winter
Trisha Snyder (Thu Feb 09 18:09:41 GMT 2012): Super! Kate, a Royal did not step out in winter London weather with bare legs. If I am wrong, I will buy Anne Klein wedges for all WKW.
Roseméa MacPherson (Thu Feb 09 18:13:51 GMT 2012): Glad to see this - I was wondering where you were;-) XOXOXOXOX
A Petite Princess (Thu Feb 09 18:22:52 GMT 2012): @Trisha Snyder I would love to take you up on that...my tiny feet will be a challenge though
Melissa Trafton (Thu Feb 09 19:05:08 GMT 2012): Well done! it's about time you got full credit from the press :)
Trisha Snyder (Thu Feb 09 19:25:17 GMT 2012): @A Petite Princess...no problem, will call Anne K. on her private line and custom order size for you. Promise.
Sarah-Jayne Littlewood (Thu Feb 09 20:33:53 GMT 2012): Perfect choice for the occassion!
Susan Bailey Wise (Thu Feb 09 21:08:33 GMT 2012): Oh, Susan ... your site is awesome! I look for it whenever I need a princess fix. You are "the" source now for Duchess Kate fashion (better not muck it up! LOL. ... the pressure!)
Alison Elman (Thu Feb 09 21:32:27 GMT 2012): Wow! I own the same dress. Think i will get much for it on ebay?
Tricia Long (Fri Feb 10 01:59:08 GMT 2012): @Trisha Snyder...love your sense of humor ;-)
Nasreen Yousuf-Patel (Fri Feb 10 03:36:27 GMT 2012): Well deserved comments. Love going to the site to check the latest styles being worn.
Susan Kelley (Fri Feb 10 17:33:21 GMT 2012): Thank you ladies, you all are too kind. :)
Maja Milos (Sat Feb 11 15:24:22 GMT 2012): Am I the only one who think she is hiding a little baby bump? She looks beautiful, but look at her tummy. :)
Rosalind King Whitelegg (Sat Feb 11 19:50:26 GMT 2012): Not to mention the lady Di hairstyle & knicker bocker shorts trousers...