Katie Grand Talks LOVE, Rooney Mara, Louis Vuitton Exhibition & Rachel Zoe as a Vampire: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

03 February 2012 by

Grazia Daily is already counting down the days, hours, minutes until the much-anticipated Louis Vuitton exhibition opens on March 9th at Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris. No, we literally are: it's 34 days, 15 hours, 24 minutes, 18 seconds at our last check. Our excitement is fuelled by Love Art Deco's fab tumblr where you can follow the team's every move as they make final, faaabulous preparations.

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Image courtesy of loveartdeco.tumblr.com

Most recently, we've seen shots of leggy models dressed in white vests, bejewelled bottoms and swimming caps posing with enormous feathers. Is this a cabaret act, fashion style, we mused? Will Marc Jacobs emerge from the waft of pink plumes?

On Tuesday night, we got our answer. Grazia joined the likes of Pixie Geldof and Amber Le Bon at an exclusive screening of 'Fan Club', a short film created by Katie Grand and directed by Ruth Hogben to celebrate the exhibition. It focusses on a history of the mega brand's accessories since Marc Jacobs started at Louis Vuitton in 1997. Can you believe the first ever LV show featured just one - yes, ONE! - bag made of white goatskin bag and worn by Kirsten Owen? Uh-huh.

Louis Vuitton exhibition

The film shows how far LV's come. It's an utter feast for the eyes, with the models tapping about the stage in various formations, fluttering their feathers and wiggling their bums to the retro sound of Judy Garland. Each wore pointy heels and wedged beauties, the fetish lace-up boots Kate Moss paraded on the Autumn/Winter 2011 catwalk and those strappy Spring/Summer 2009 sandals covered in beads, wooden pearls and tassels. And, of course, a swarm of monogram totes in every colour ever.

“It makes me want to be in that era when you can be a showgirl and play with big feathers!” Amber told us at the screening. So what’s her perfect accessory? “Think of the film ‘Burlesque’ and that’s the pearl bodice I want!” Ooh err.

Louis Vuitton exhibition

Image courtesy of loveartdeco.tumblr.com

But the lady of the hour was Katie Grand. We found her amid a crowd of industry insiders, gushing about the beautiful film. So Grazia grabbed five minutes with the super-stylist and magazine editor...

Grazia Daily: Tell us about your inspiration for the film.

Katie Grand: We were inspired by Busby Berkley musicals, Christmas films and the charm of 1930s Hollywood. Because it was a film about the accessories, we wanted clothing that didn’t distract. I got the fans hand-made in the studio, which cost a fortune, but they were so pretty.

Grazia Daily: Did you get to keep one?

Katie Grand: No. They’re back at Louis Vuitton, under lock and key.

Grazia Daily: What’s your favourite Louis Vuitton accessory?

Katie Grand: The Africa shoes from the Spring / Summer 2009 collection with the feathers and beads.

Grazia Daily: What was it like shooting the film? It looked so much fun!

Katie Grand: Wrangling twenty models isn’t easy. Making them stand in a straight line is rocket science, let alone getting them to do any form of dancing. Who would have thought they’d look so professional!

Grazia Daily: So what can we expect from the Louis Vuitton exhibition?

Katie Grand: It’s over two floors and we wanted the experience to be like watching 'The Wizard of Oz'. The first floor is for Louis Vuitton the man so there’s a lot of heritage and it feels like a black and white movie. Then you go upstairs and you’re in Oz. It’s super-hyper technicolour and dedicated to Marc Jacobs.

Grazia Daily: Are you stressed with preparations?

Katie Grand: We’ve been preparing it for nearly a year now. The good thing with exhibitions is the closer you get to the opening, the less you can do to control it so all the big decisions have been made and it’s calmer now. In November, I was close to a nervous breakdown. But it’s nice to do something out of your comfort zone.

katie grand pixie geldof.jpg

Grazia Daily: With the Oscars coming up, who would you like to see wearing Louis Vuitton on the red carpet?

Katie Grand: Rooney Mara. She looked fantastic in a black Vuitton dress last month and she’s incredibly beautiful. The outfits she wears all look brilliant and she’s got her own unconventional thing going on.

Grazia Daily: We agree! And what can we expect from the new issue of LOVE?

Katie Grand: The cover is a screen-print of Linda Evangelista in full-colour fluro, which cost a fortune. The issue is split into two halves: the first section is very angelic and the second is Technicolor. It’s like ‘The Wizard of Oz’ again.

Grazia Daily: We saw that fab image of Rachel Zoe as a vampire from a shoot in the magazine...

Katie Grand: She was really game for dressing as a vampire, complete with fake teeth and everything. I phoned her and said, ‘do you mind?’ and she said, ‘of course not – but can I look beautiful?’

'Fan Club' will preview on the LOVE website on 6th February, LOVE 7 'After Taste' is also out on 6th www.thelovemagazine.co.uk


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