Cheska Hull and Ollie Locke From 'Made In Chelsea' Play Grazia Fashion Jury!

20 January 2012 by

Cheska Hull and Ollie Locke From 'Made In Chelsea' Play Grazia Fashion Jury!

It can be exhausting for Grazia to constantly party-hop from one glitzy bash to another every evening, constantly quaffing champagne and schmoozing with celebs – and that’s why we’ve enlisted the help of Cheska Hull and Ollie Locke. The 'Made in Chelsea' stars are party pros so who better to take some of the schmoozing off our hands? As our guest columnists, they will be writing Grazia’s party pages and for the first instalment, pick up next week's issue (on sale Tuesday). Ever the professionals, the pair popped into Grazia HQ last week (you maaay have noticed our excited tweeting) to get down to work. While they were here, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to grill Cheska and Ollie on their party wardrobes, dressing like Carrie Bradshaw and, of course, the secret to Ollie’s ridiculously glossy locks…

Grazia Daily: What makes a good party?

Cheska Hull: Food and drink is really important – you have to have good canapaes and delicious cocktails and champagne is a must.

Ollie Locke: My favourite thing is to judge the canapés. I judge them like a real judger. Nothing with asparagus or anchovy because you never know.

Cheska Hull: More important than food and drink is location. We went to an amazing party next to the Tower of London and that made such a difference.

Grazia Daily: What’s your top tip for party dressing?

Cheska Hull: It’s always good to find out before you go what the general theme is. If it’s in the East end of London, you can wear a pretty dress and team with it a leather jacket, but if it’s a premiere, I go long and elegant. I always do a bit of research so I’m prepared. Flicking through Grazia magazine’s one of the best ways to do it because there’s loads of outfits in there. Also, if you have a blowdry but you’re wearing an old dress, it’s not so bad because your hair instantly makes you feel good.

Grazia Daily: You recently dressed up as Carrie Bradshaw – what was that for?

Cheska Hull: I went to a really fun party for Wallpaper magazine’s design awards and I wore a beautiful dress that had a tutu at the bottom, which is very Carrie. And obviously my hair is quite curly and I teamed it with a leather jacket in a Chanel style and a clutch bag from Paparazzi that looks like a magazine. It was a risky look but it was the right thing to wear for that party.

Grazia Daily: And what’s your secret to such incredible hair, Ollie?

Ollie Locke: I go to Neville’s hairdressers. I don’t wash it that much because it’s important to keep those natural oils involved. I use Batiste (dry shampoo) a lot and Moroccan Oil and if you’ve got static, chuck in some moisturiser. I don’t have straight hair, my hair’s very curly, so I have it blow dried once a week and put it up at night. I haven’t washed my own hair in about two years so when someone asks me what shampoo I use, I have no idea. That sounds diva, but it’s not.


So in the spirit of Fashion Jury, Cheska and Ollie kindly agreed to assess some of their partywear - read their verdicts in the gallery above. And take it from us, these two are an absolute hoot! If they were in the office every day, we'd NEVER get any work done. You'll see what we mean by clicking play on the video below. Oh, and please excuse Ollie’s potty mouth and *ahem* hilariiious jokes…

And if you liked that, check out the lovely Millie Mackintosh giving us a tour of her wardrobe right here!

Made in Chelsea Wrap Party

Cheska: If I’m going to a party that’s held in a nightclub, then I definitely go short rather than long. This is quite Barbie-esque with petals and frills at the bottom but tight at the top. It’s from Lipsy so high street is good sometimes – well actually, a lot of the time! They do some fab dresses, especially in their VIP collection, which is more expensive but really beautiful and more elegant. I had a spray tan because if you wear light colours, you can merge into the dress!

Viper Rooms Nightclub

Ollie: I’m wearing River Island shoes, True Religion jeans and a D&G cardigan. The Union Jack has become my trademark through the show, I’m very patriotic and not many people wear it so it’s great fun.

War Horse Premiere

Cheska: My dress is from Belua, which is a beautiful brand that’s relatively new and everything is designed ethically in India. I love wearing their clothes because not only are they beautiful but I know that they’ve been made with care and that makes me feel good. Kate Middleton wore the red version of this dress. It’s classic and smart for a premiere – I don’t like wearing short and sexy dresses for that sort of thing, especially when there are so many people around. My hair was done by Alex Henry and he gave me a Dita Von Teese marcel wave to make me feel elegant.

Mint Polo in the Park

Ollie: I look at this now and would wear it again, however, the entire outfit cost under £100. It looks Chanel although the T-shirt is actually from Tequila Start. I’m wearing Amber Atherton’s necklace from her Flash Trash range. The jacket’s from H&M, the trousers are Zara and the shoes are Primark. I got the watch from Portobello Road and it’s got a Union Jack around it. It’s important to wear something fun for  the Polo, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. People say, ‘I can’t be fashionable because I can’t afford the designer gear,’ but you can always mix and match. For guys, wear bold colours, pointy shoes and have your collars turned up for that catwalk look and to make you stand out.

British Comedy Awards

Cheska: This is my hair in true mermaid style and the dress is from Aorelia Coture. I wanted to wear this but couldn’t because Kelly Rowland was meant to wear it for the X Factor final and she ended up not wearing it so they quickly sent it to me. I’m a 10 and the dress was a 8 so I definitely remember feeling like a sausage squashed into it and there’s that Paparrazi bag again. For an awards show, it’s great to get glammed up.

Harry Potter Premiere

Ollie: This is one of the most out-there outfits I’ve ever worn. There’s a wonderful story behind this because it was the first time Chloe, my ex-girlfriend (and Philip Green’s daughter), and I were going out as a couple and I wanted to wear something cool and fun. So we went to Topman and bought a pale blue suit, but I needed something else. So we called up the Topman creative team and they designed it fully in one night with  a Union Jack up the side and down the back and it was incredible. It went down a treat. And it was very patriotic for the world premiere of Harry Potter and I was the only member of cast there… The necklace is from Topshop and I borrowed it from Chloe.


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