Fashion Girl Chat and a Funny Rachel Bilson: BOREDOM BUSTER VIDEOS

20 January 2012

Now it has been a while since we have done one of these, but as it’s January, we’re all poor, cold and just a little bit grey, here is a small Boredom Buster for you all. We have spent this week in the Grazia office emailing youtube clips to each other (during lunch breaks and after hours, honest), in order to raise the cheer. And it worked. So we thought we’d do it for all of you too. That’s the kinda people we are.

1. Sh#t Fashion Girls Say

So first up is the video that everyone is talking about. The Grazia fashion department hung their heads in shame as we had to admit we say loads of this crap. Except we call it a ‘fringe’.


2. Call Me Doctor

Next, who knew that Rachel Bilson was a little joker. Sure we thought she was quirky in The OC, and um…in whatever else she has done, but she clearly does have a lovely sense of humour. Check her out rapping as Dr Zoe Hart, who is the character she plays in her show ‘Hart of Dixie’ (thank goodness Wikipedia is working again)…

Hello from ant1mat3rie on Vimeo.

3. Calling Lionel Richie Fans

First I would like to say how much I love Lionel Richie. Not just because he is a musical icon, but also because I met him once and he was so lovely I followed him around till he was uncomfortable (though he never let it show, that’s how lovely he is). But I don’t think I love him enough to spend hours making this kind of clip. Although it makes me want to weep…

4. Mary Alice Stephenson is a Closet Case

Mary Alice Stephenson is a big US stylist and she’s also on the telly a lot.  She is clearly very successful, because let’s have a little look inside her closet. Now our closets are one, two or maybe three cupboards if we’re lucky, but lucky ol’ Mary Alice has a whole floor! Here we see inside one of those rooms, and we are pleased to see that she displays her jewellery exactly like we do. Or would. If we were her. Sigh…


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