Ascot's New Dress Code: ?NO Fascinators, NO Minis, NO Strapless Tops

19 January 2012

It’s a bastion of British high society, dodgy outfits and lots of really, really drunk people - yes, we’re talking about Royal Ascot, home of the ‘comedy’ fascinator. Or not, as the case may be. Because thanks to Ascot’s new rules, the fascinator could be – gasp! – a thing of the past…

'It is probably fair to say that the dress code hasn’t necessarily been enforced quite as rigorously as we might have liked,' says spokesman Nick Smith. 'There is no doubt that our customers would like to get back to a situation where it is universally acknowledged that this is a formal occasion and not an occasion where you might dress as you would at a nightclub.' Ooh, get him… So, what are Ascot’s new rules?

Ascot's New Dress Code: ‎NO Fascinators, NO Minis!

For the women

1. Hats are fine but anything with a base of less than 4 inches in diameter is not acceptable as a hat, apaz. That’s the fascinators out, then. Sorry Kate Middleton.

2. Forget the minis, ladies – they’re banned, too. Skirts and dresses need to be of a ‘modest length’ and fall just above the knee or below.
3. Pashminas are NFI this year – strapless tops are also OUT.

Ascot's New Dress Code: ‎NO Fascinators, NO Minis!

For the men

1. Waistcoat and tie are compulsory
2. No cravats (can’t say we’re sorry about this one…)
3. Black shoes only. What, no trainers?!
The new rules only apply to the Royal Enclosure, which we guess means that if you really want to flout them, then go ahead and wear a strapless mini dress and fascinator in the ‘normals’ bit whilst waving at the posh people over the other side. Or not.
Either way, Ascot always provides a raft of amusing outfits for us to gawp at, so in the gallery, for your delectation, are the looks to avoid. You have been warned...


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