Grazia Daily Gets Our Craft On For Christmas!

23 December 2011

Liberty craft

Recession- blah, EU crisis- eek, soaring bills- yawn, squeezed household budgets- euch. We know the drill right? What you may not know is that all this gloomy economic forecasting and fervent belt tightening has led to the unlikely resurgence of handcraft in its many glorious forms. If haberdashery sales figures are anything to go by, we have been knitting,  papier-mâché-ing, and scrapbooking our way into recession friendly smugness.

But if the word craft invokes images of your granny flatulating her way through a scratchy mis-fitting woolly jumper whilst watching Corrie, think again. The new crafters are hip young things; more likely to be making iPad cases and cashmere jumpers, rather than knitted toilet seat warmers.

Liberty craft

With the world and his wife taking up their knitting needles and prit sticks, and as many of us look to cut costs, it seems its ALL about craft this Christmas. Grazia Daily, never afraid to test a trend, put ourselves in the capable hands of department store Liberty to learn to make a corsage in their private, decadently wood panelled craft room.

As further proof of the rise in the popularity of craft, the Haberdashery at Liberty is currently up 20% on last year and since its expansion in 2009 is now one of Liberty’s best performing departments. Attendees ranged from publishers to lawyers, some of whom hadn’t so much as had a sniff at anything handmade since childhood. In the capable hands of our teacher, Josephine Perry we were guided through the very simple steps required to make a rather fetching corsage. The conversation covered everything from what we thought about Kirstie Allsopp (no comment) to the merits of vajazzling as a craft, so we felt quite quickly at home, and it was rather convenient to be able to do a bit of make up shopping, ahem- I mean Christmas shopping, downstairs afterwards.

Liberty craft

Novice or expert, it’s not too late to get your craft on! See the full list of Spring Liberty craft classes here.

So what’s your take on it? Have you been merrily crafting your way to Christmas this year or do you shudder at the thought?


by Hannah Bullivant



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