Lynne Franks on Being the Woman Behind Absolutely Fabulous PLUS The Show's Wardrobe Secrets

21 December 2011

Absolutely Fabulous

What will you be doing on Christmas day?  Waking late with a hangover, bickering with your siblings, eating far too much, then sleeping it off in front of the tv? No doubt, it is tradition after all. But make sure that you’re awake by 10pm, as it marks the return of Absolutely Fabulous – can you believe it’s been 20 years since it first aired?! The show that brought Lacroix into every household, made us all want to drink Bolly from 10am (when we got up) and made everyone ask ‘what the hell is PR?’ Yes it is back for three episodes – the others airing in the new year – and, despite the crashing economy, it has as much ostentatious fashion as before.

You may remember that the series was based on Jennifer Saunders’ then friend (maybe they still are), Lynne Franks, who back in the day was an uber London PR. We knew it then, and we know it now, but Lynne has revealed that she was asked to star in the original series, an offer she turned down. ‘Jennifer had been a friend, and I was being oversensitive and silly,’ Lynne recently admitted. ‘I loved watching the show and I really regret not taking part.’ She also thinks that she was always better dressed than the show’s Eddy Monsoon, but that wouldn’t be too difficult.

Absolutely Fabulous Stella McCartney

In this week’s Grazia we exclusively interviewed Jennifer Saunders about Eddy’s past and future fashion decisions. Stella McCartney is taking the place of Lacroix (his business closed in 2009), and Eddy and her partner in crime, Patsy, were photographed outside the store and with Stella herself. ‘In our third new episode Eddy is basically stalking Stella,’ Jennifer explained. ‘In some ways, I think Stella is a bit like Lacroix in the 1990s: a bit arty, really getting into her stride. Edina would love her because of the McCartney thing, and because of the Gwyneth and Kate Moss scene. She doesn’t even really want the clothes; she just wants to be in with the crowd.’

She also told Grazia that lots of what they wore in the first series wasn’t designer at all. ‘This outfit was from a market - we didn’t always wear designer, as you can’t be really rude about things you’ve borrowed. [The tracksuit] was classic Edina because it shows lots of layers of panty line and stomach. You have to be unafraid when dressing Edina.’

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