Inside Agyness Deyn’s Antique Apartment

16 December 2011

When you think of Agyness Deyn do you think about her cool credentials? The fact that style magazine, iD, dedicated an entire issue to her and her life, she used to date a Stroke, is best friends with the cool NY and London kids, and she’s quietly forging an acting career in independent films, all points to her being a bit edgy with a touch of punk. So you’d think her home would reflect that attitude, wouldn’t you? It doesn’t.

Inside Agyness Deyn’s Antique Apartment

Agyness has opened the doors of her New York apartment for the first time, and…well…it’s not what we had imagined. Basically she’s turned a typical – if massive – NY loft apartment into an auction house. There is so much going on in each room that we don’t know where to start. Who’d have thought that one person would need so many places to sit! 

Inside Agyness Deyn’s Antique Apartment

In one picture we spotted 11 chairs and sofas, and we had to hunt for them through a mass of textiles and prints. In another room, the focal point is a statue on a plinth. Clearly Agyness is rather enamoured by it, as there are another five chairs gathered around it, so she can invite friends over to stare at it.

Inside Agyness Deyn’s Antique Apartment bathroom

And handily, it’s just outside the mirrored bathroom (above). Now Agyness, tell us, where did you find that toffee marbled bath? And the lion head tap? We are guessing that we can’t pick up one of those in Ikea?

Inside Agyness Deyn’s Antique Apartment

Each to their own taste of course, but we don’t know if we’d find Agyness’s flat all that relaxing to live in. We don’t fancy sleeping at the bottom of the sea (above), and we’d spend the whole time panicking that we might knock over an ashtray, only to be told that it was from the Ming dynasty and will cost gazillions to replace.

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by Kay Barron



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