5 Possible Reasons WHY Andrej Pejic was chosen to model BRAS for Hema!

14 December 2011 by

Andrej Pejic modelling a push up bra for Dutch company HEMA

Andrej Pejic modelling a push up bra for Dutch company HEMA

We are number one in the Andrej Pejic fanclub, we really are. And today we hear the news that he has booked a lingerie campaign and has posed in a black wrap dress for Dutch brand Hema.  We are all for equality, gay and transgender rights and all that. We were thrilled when he closed an haute couture show as the bride in a transparent gown – for Jean Paul Gaultier, natch. We whole heartedly agreed with the Queen, when she summoned him to Buckingham Palace to meet her (an occasion which he rose to by wearing a nifty pencil skirt no less). But the push-up bra incident is flummoxing us a leedle bit. Andrej's Sydney-based agent told Frockwriter the ads are 'revolutionary...I've never known a man to do a women's lingerie campaign before.' 

And neither have we! Here are some possible reasons the underwear company have made this choice;

Andrej Pejic wears a push-up bra and red dress

1 There were no female bra models available to do the shoot that day

2 Everybody knows that adverts are a bit of a lie, stuck together with smoke and mirrors and camera trickery AND Photoshop, so why not go with the best-looking model of the year and worry about boobage later on, in post-production?

3 Hema are actually making the rather outrageous marketing claim that their bras – the one Andre is modelling is called the ‘mega push-up bra’ has powers so, err, MEGA, indeed that it can create a luscious cleavage valley where previously there was only air.

4 They thought it would be a good gimmick to drum up some free publicity for their brand

Or 5 They actually don’t care about their women customers and want to make us all feel bad that we are not as pretty or as thin or as gorgeous Andrej. Heck, if he can do this advert then, in reality, the fact that us girls who do have bosoms don’t even have the advantage over Andrej, not even when it comes to wearing bras.

Answers on a postcard PLEASE! Or even drop one in the box below. 


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