We Chat to Mary Katrantzou, Winner of the Emerging Talent Ready to Wear Award at the British Fashion Awards!

29 November 2011 by

After she was awarded the Emerging Talent - Ready To Wear award by Olivia Palermo, we caught up with Mary Katrantzou, one of our favourite London designers backstage to congratulate her on her award. Oh, and get some cheeky gossip too!

Grazia Daily: Hello Mary! Congratulations! How do you feel?

Mary Katrantzou: You know what? I never ever used to win anything, and I also thought that I never would win any prizes, but since I’ve come to London I’ve done it bit better. I won the Swiss Textiles Award last year but I think this is the most important one.

It’s great to have something that is voted for by your industry and the British Fashion Council and it is a big honour so I’m very pleased.

GD: The first of many!

MK: I hope so!

GD: Next year you’re doing a collaboration with Topshop, Have you finished making it yet?

MK: We’ve sort of finished it but we’re still going back and forth about some of the shapes because we want it to be perfect!

GD: So soon we’ll be walking down the high street seeing people walking around in Katrantzou creations!

MK: I hope so! I hope so. Well, some of the dresses are very daring. We’ve got a take on our bowl skirts and for the daring Topshop girls, who are into layering print on print and so on, and for the not so daring girls we are doing sweaters and T-shirts and all sorts of things like that. It’s a big range. Well, it’s a 10 piece range. It’s definitely the most exciting range we’ve done for Topshop.

GD: Your business is expanding so much at the moment around the world! Are you making a lot of money? Have you bought yourself a present?

MK: Ha ha ha! Well it is expanding but it doesn’t mean you yourself get to keep that money! So I haven’t bought myself a present, but I have stopped sleeping on the floor! That is my present to myself!

[Grazia were confused about this, but we think she means working round the clock in her studio and sleeping a couple of hours on the floor to save time - not that she doesn't have a bed, poor thing]

So now I go home instead! Well, I think I will go home, but I’ve never been able to go home for a Fashion Week – so maybe this will be the first one!

Our sales are doing really well so that’s good but it doesn’t mean you are making a profit because you are constantly building, recruiting more people and investing back into the business so we’re in a good place and I’m really happy with that because it means we can get people in who have experience but it doesn’t mean you’re making a huge profit. Yet!

GD: Mary thank you so much for talking to us! And congratulations again, it is really well deserved!


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