AMAZING New Pictures of Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby!

23 November 2011 by

Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire in the Great Gatsby

Oooh! Was the collective sound that came out of the Grazia Daily team when we opened the page of the Huff Po containing the image of Leonardo DiCaprio gadding about some type of botanical garden flanked on either side by Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire.

The following words sprang immediately to mind – dapper, nifty, jolly, pucker, spruce, and errr, downright lush. Yet, none of these words really does justice to the monument to gentlemanliness that Leo represents. Although the suit IS excellent – let’s be honest, it’s the hair that gets us. It’s that ripple with a hint, nay, a whisper of quiffiness to it. Oh, my, word. It’s like Jude Law in the talented Mr Ripley all over again. Oh – and also that ever so slightly vexed furrow of the brow, there. He is LUSH!

Great Gatsby

One thing that is preying on our collective mind just the tiniest touch though, is – does Carey Mulligan quite fit the bill as Daisy Buchanan ? ? ? We’re not being unkind, it’s just hard, we suppose, when a work of literature is SO many people’s favourite one. PLUS it’s been adapted for film before, with Mia Farrow as the leading lady. Carey is certainly an excellent actress, and we’re sure she’ll be able to convey the extreme subtleties of the character who is both so self-possessed as to speak very softly at all times, necessitating that whoever is listening to her must lean in towards her AND as away with the fairies that she likes to drive like a loony, convinced that all the other road users will get out of her way.

Is she beautiful and ethereal enough though? In the book, she is so beautiful that people actually feel light-headed in her presence and Carey is lovely, we .. .we . . we’re just not convinced.

Who else could fit the bill though?

Kirsten Dunst is unfortunately now too old. Blake Lively is too all-American, Kate Bosworth – can she really act? Sienna Miller is also too old now. Amber Heard’s name popped up in the office, Saoirse Ronan is young and willowy and we loved her in Hanna, Amanda Seyfried – FAR too sugary, Drew Barrymore is much much too old now. We think an Olsen twin could look the part, with their wide-eyed charms, but do they even do any acting any more? We've never seen anything with them in.

What are your suggestions????


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