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21 November 2011 by

Elle Macpherson intimates Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin sings Happy Birthday to Elle

When it comes to birthday parties, you can't ask for more than a gazillion balloons, games of pass the parcel and Tim Minchin playing the piano in the middle of Selfridges. That's exactly what Elle Macpherson panned to celebrate 10 years of her lingerie line being sold at the London department store. Of course, Grazia Daily was there to congratulate 'The Body', who looked super-hot in a black Rachel Roy suit, and to grill her on how it feels to be an entrepreneur not only over the past decade but since she launched Elle Macpherson Intimates in 1990. Yep, we can barely believe it either.

GD: Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary! How does it feel?

EMP: It was so great to see all the balloons, images from past campaigns and Tim singing. I’ve had such a wonderful relationship with Selfridges and it is a celebration to be ten years in business in this country. It’s not easy.

GD: You set up Elle Macpherson Intimates 21 years ago – tell us about your highlights during that time.

EMP: The launch was amazing. Today, a lot of celebrities are building brands but 21 years ago, there was nobody in my industry who had a successful licence... So when Elle Macpherson Intimates first started, it was quite brave and I needed courage to follow my dreams. I didn’t know if it was going to be successful or if people would believe me so that was extraordinary.

Then at the event today, I was really moved. Tim wrote a fun song for me and then he stopped, looked at me and started singing Happy Birthday. I got really teary. I felt very appreciative that I’ve been able to work so long in this industry doing something that I love.

GD: How did it come about that Tim performed for you?

EMP: I just wanted him here! I had a meeting with Selfridges, who are always wonderful and collaborative, and I said I really want Tim Meachin to sing Happy Birthday to me – and he did. He’s smart, funny and heartfelt. And he’s from Australia and this is an Australian brand.

GD: What’s the best thing about EMI lingerie?

EMP: A well designed bra can help the body look slimmer and better proportioned. I design to make the body look the best it can possibly look – not by forgoing on comfort, beauty or practicality but by manipulating the body to create the best-proportioned body you can have.

Dentelle bra Elle Macpherson

GD: If you had to pick a favourite design, which would it be?

EMP: For sure, Dentelle is my best-selling bra [above] and it’s been copied by many other brands but I wear Spree. The great bras are also the maternity bras – we have a bigger maternity collection than any designer around.

GD: Were there any designs that didn’t get produced?

EMP: Yes, but not often. England will take different product to Australia or Germany or Spain… Every country has their favourites. The designs that don’t get picked up are usually my more adventurous ones, like one in bright orange that I love.

GD: Speaking of which, we recently saw the Victoria’s Secret show. Would you stage a wackactular show for your line?

EMP: We create bras for all body types and they are long-wearing so there’s space for both of us in the market place. It’s not my thing to do a spectacular show; in fact, I’ve never done a runway show for Elle Macpherson Intimates. This brand sells because people love it and it sells through word of mouth. I’m very proud of that.

GD: You’ve showcased your own designs but if you were to model for any other brand, which would it be?

EMP: That’s a good question! I’d love to work with Annie Leibovitz on a Louis Vuitton campaign. I love the images of Angelina Jolie in Cambodia, Sean Connery sitting on a dock, Bono and Ali Hewson in South Africa. It’d be fun to do something in outback Australia, Mad Max style. Or on a beach in the Bahamas wearing nothing but a bag. That’s my dream.

Elle Macpherson Rachel Roy black suitElle Macpherson Rachel Roy black suit

Elle Macpherson in a Rachel Roy suit

GD: So who are your favourite designers at the moment?

EMP: I wear a lot of Isabel Marant, Sass & Bide and I love Topshop. I also really like Alessandra Rich; I wore a dress of hers to an event recently. Rachel Roy is doing great pieces too.

GD: What’s the top of your Christmas wishlist?

EMP: I’m going to be in the sun for Christmas so it would have to be a Melissa Odabash bikini.

GD: You may have noticed Grazia Daily loves ‘Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model’ and we've heard Kelly Osbourne may be the new judge..?

EMP: I’m in pre-production as we speak but we have not decided the judging panel yet. I love Grace and Charlie and I’ve had a really wonderful time working with them. There is going to be a shake-up this year and the format’s going to change. I’m excited.

And so are we! So we say hurrah for Elle and what better way to round-up the celebrations than with a snippet of Mr Minchin's wonderful ditty? Enjoy!


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