20 Reasons Why Grazia Daily's First Ever Fashion Bloggers' Event ROCKED

18 November 2011 by

We held our first ever fashion bloggers' event last night and we had so much fun we could barely get to sleep afterwards. Surrounded by the shopping fiesta that is Carnaby 20% Night, and crammed leather-sleeved-shoulder-to-shoulder into the chic minimalist space of the Speakeasy espresso and brew bar at the centre of Carnaby, we hung out and had a laugh with some of the fashion blogging community's coolest and newest faces. Our bloggers were asked to come up with a "BlogBrag" pitch for why anyone should look at their blog, and boy, can they pitch. We filmed them all and we'll be posting our favourites here on the site and on our Grazia UK Facebook later today (we've already posted some photos, if you want to see what everyone was wearing). But for now, here's our Top 20 reasons why last night ROCKED....

bloggers, sisters, Emma & Jessie from  youoverdiditdoll.com

1. We learned that not all fashion bloggers' have photographer boyfriends. Step forward and take a bow, willing flatmates , sisters (above) and uh, mothers  [<- obviously it helps if your mother is a - clearly very talented - artist]. And let's also applaud some quite brilliant use of the self-timer (we're loving  catandthechoir.blogspot.com 's just-checking-myself-in-the-hallway-mirror-on-the-way-out-door photography stylings).

2. Somebody brought her photographer boyfriend to snap her at the event. YES! You've got him well-trained, Ngoni from themusingsofnrc.com (above).

SJ from    catandthechoir.blogspot.com 

3. We found a couple of awesome blogs that have been going for only, like twenty minutes... (well, since the summer): at five weeks old, SJ from catandthechoir.blogspot.com (above) was our baby blogger at last night's event.

4. There was mingling, there was giggling, there were a LOT of business cards being swapped.

Versace x H&M! On Ed (right) with Lally, both from ohareyoursureaboutthat.blogspot.com

5. We spotted someone in Versace for H&M jeans (bring it!) which must have been purchased mere hours before the event (now THAT is fast fashion). Also spotted: many, many, leopard print H&M carrier bags (well played, the    Kissandmakeup.tv, Osoblog.tv and Catwalkqueen.tv posse), making us realise that our Blog Brag night may just have made the perfect end to a day which started with a bit of live line blogging, some retail mayhem, and a brief glimpse of Donatella.

Katie & Dee from  styleandthensome.wordpress. com

6. We spied some excellent haircuts (above). Excellent elfin undercut, Katie from Styleandthensome.wordpress.com

7. We learned that Forever 21 is quite literally at the very centre of the fashion blogger universe.  

Louise from   lovefromloulou.blogspot.com 

8. Someone came down from Scotland to see us. No, really. (And yes, out-of-London bloggers - we're coming for you next!). And not only that, our Scottish [Lovefromloulou.blogspot.com] blogger with the chic Louise Brooks' bob (above) is called Louise Brooke-Arnot. LOVE!  

9. We spent the night slyly scouting out everyone's winter style: because nobody does knits (below) better than fashion bloggers.

Caia from Ilikeyoumaynot.blogspot.com

Steph from Kissandmakeup.tv

Kristabel from Iwantyoutoknow.co.uk/span>

(And Kristabel from Iwantyoutoknow.co.uk should know about knits - she just graduated in Knitwear Design from Nottingham and Trent and is currently creating wicked knits at Marks and Spencer for her day job - we're loving that preppy cable knit under a Love Story duffel, btw).

10. Everyone who did a Blog Brag left with a Grazia goodie bag containing some spectacular stuff including this week's issue of Grazia and a Clinique mascara worth £14.95 (above). That's just the way we roll, kids.

India Rose - Indiaroseblog.blogspot.com

11. We were given a master-class in hat wearing. Beanie: yes, please, India Rose (above)

12. We may just have found the coolest blogger location in London: Speakeasy Espresso and Brew Bar; which plied us all with baked goods, phenomenally good coffee and excellent wine in a sleek white space, currently lined with with fluro-fine art. Quite frankly, whoever created those peppermint slices ought to be arrested.


picture courtesy ohareyousureaboutthat.blogspot.com

13. And talking of fine art, we think we may have found the next big thing in blogging, courtesy of blog pals Ed and Lally (above) from  Ohareyousureaboutthat.blogs pot.com. Their blog (above) looks like the most fun ever. Seems fashion blogging can be high art too.

Anjali from Pareelandbyap.blogspot.com

14. We found out there's a pretty cool fashion blogging scene in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Although Anjali from Pareelandbyap.blogspot.com (above) has just moved to the possibly-more-shopping-friendly environs of London. Welcome!

15. We realised that, despite working round the clock, the Grazia Daily team is a bunch of really, really lazy underachievers - thanks for that, marketeer, dj, independent record label owner and beauty/fashion blogger Zoe, from London Lipgloss (above).  

Lily from WhatIhearttoday.com

16. We saw first hand that blogging community is super-lovely and supportive, we spotted all the biggie bloggers being mega-encouraging and giving tons of advice to all the newbies - biggie blogger Lily from WhatIhearttoday.com  (above) is a total sweetheart *girl crush*

17. We discovered some EXcellent blog names: http://youoverdiditdoll.com/  http:// ilikeyoumaynot.blogspot.com /

Audrey from stylistsnotepad.blogspot.com 

18. We were reminded we massively want some smoking slippers [above]. 

19. We loved that everyone pretended not to have a Blog Brag: "ooh, I haven't really thought about it" etc, and then miraculously turned out to be superslick and word perfect once on camera. >snort<

20. We made some new friends that we'll definitely be staying in touch with and who we're super-excited about introducing to you on Grazia Daily very soon. Thanks for coming, everyone!

Oh, and finally...

Jen from http:// jjnoir.blogspot.com/

21. JJ Noir.... In! Your! Face! Versace! 

So tell us, who do YOU think should win our Best Dressed Blogger of the Night prize? We want to hear your opinion in the comments below, please!


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