Four Fashion Trends That Need to Stop

18 November 2011 by

Daphne Guinness

According to Daphne Guinness, ‘There hasn’t been anything real since grunge. That was the last movement led by music or an art form.’ The heiress and fashionista was responding to the question of how this current time period in society would be characterized, to which she pronounced it ‘corporate.’ That’s quite an unequivocal point of view, effectively saying there are no new trends or subcultures these days. We don’t entirely agree with it, and we’re sure all our friends on the Victorian Steampunk scene, for example, would be quite offended to hear that.  

Then, whilst idly perusing twitter this morning, we noticed that 'things that need to stop' was trending. Now we pride ourselves on being a) possessed of good powers of observation and b) pretty opinionated. SO we tried to think of a few fashion-related 'things that need to stop', like, as soon as possible. Trends, according to Daphne’s way of thinking, which have not lived up to the standard set back in the ‘90’s by grunge.

1 People leaving the stickers on shoes when they wear them out

Of course, if your shoe brand of choice is Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin then they don’t come with stickers. BUT! If, (like us) you buy your shoes from the high street, then you MUST remember to peel the stickers off before you wear them out, because if they have got high heels, everyone walking behind you can see them. WHAT an eyesore.

2 Those sort of diamond pattern tights that used to be cool

In fact, they weren’t even good then. You know the ones, black opaques, diamond-y and slightly shiny. Not only do they not go with anyone’s outfit, they also make your legs look 10% fatter.

3 Belted cardigans

This season and next, outfits that resemble pyjamas are the last word in cool. Outfits that resemble dressing gowns are not. Need we go on?

4 Worn out shoes

The craze for all things vintage, in some parts of London, has reached such ubiquity, that some young people we see on the bus are wearing shoes that are worn out to threadbare proportions. Yes, it’s nice to get a bit of retro cool in your look but, if the leather if so scuffed it’s white and the soles have come away from the uppers so that they are able to talk themselves, you should really get some new ones.

Have YOU got any sartorial 'things that need to stop'? Let us know in the comments box below, or tweet us, @Grazia_Live please


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