We Chat to Edward Meadham of Meadham Kirchhoff about their BRILLIANT Spring Summer 2012 show!

16 November 2011 by

backstage at Meadham Kirchhoff spring summer 2012

As you may have guessed from Grazia Daily’s breathless coverage of the event itself, we had a pretty good time at the Meadham Kirchhoff show this season. Baby ballerinas in deeleyboppers pranced in formation, while chorus girls and botty-flashing Courtney Love lookalikes dashed around the catwalk along with the models in the rather fantastical Spring and Summer collection featuring pantaloons, prince charming-style frocks coats, cheerleader skirts and button-through cardies, all in the most tooth-achingly sugary sweet pastel tones imaginable.

baby ballerinas at Meadham Kirchhoff showdancers on the catwalk at Meadham Kirchhoff

The amazing performers at the Meadham Kirchhoff show

Now, although some fashion designers like nothing more than talking about themselves to the press for hours at a time, other of them are less forthcoming. In the industry, Meadham Kirchhoff have a reputation for falling into the latter category. We were a teeny bit unsure, then, of what we could expect of an off-the-cuff chat with the designers, when we bumped into them at Harvey Nichols this week. In the event it was fine. Although Edward wasn’t exactly what we’d call a chatterbox he was very sweet and supplied us with the following info!

Ed Meadham backstage at the Meadham Kirchhoff show with the dancers

SPOT THE DESIGNER! Ed Meadham backstage at the Meadham Kirchhoff show with the dancers

Grazia Daily: Congratulations on your brilliant show! We really enjoyed it. Was it a long time in the planning?

Edward Meadham: Yep. It was quite a big undertaking. Bigger than usual, certainly.

GD: Did you get good feedback from everyone?

EM: Oh yes. It’s been unanimously good, actually. We’ve had so many people ringing up to call in the clothes for shoots as well – all the Vogues, in fact.

GD: How did you feel about Anna Wintour being present?

EM: Very pleased.

fashion designers Benjamin Kirchhoff and Ed Meadham

In true fashion-maverick style, Edward (right) didn't once remove his Stevie-Wonder-strength sunglasses

GD: Did you get to meet her?

EM: No.

GD: She didn’t come backstage and congratulate you two?

EM: No! I really didn’t want that to happen. I didn’t want anyone backstage before the show, not that I didn’t want to meet Anna Wintour. It’s just that she comes to see people beforehand, and I couldn’t have anyone there, I was . . . [looks pained]. But, [brightening up] I saw some pictures of her taken during the show and she was smiling, and you don’t see her doing that in many photographs, so we felt quite pleased about that.

Harvey Nichols press day

The Meadham Kirchhoff-themed decorations and Naomi Preizler invitation

GD: We were sitting on the opposite side to her, and we are convinced she enjoyed it! Have you started work on your Autumn Winter collection yet?

EM: Yes we have.

GD: Can you give us any hints of what we might expect next season?

EM: No.

And with that, the interview ended. It was a pleasure to finally meet the talented Mr Meadham!

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