Carine Roitfeld Already Has The Perfect Granny Wardrobe (No, Really)

15 November 2011 by

 Breaking news that the beautiful Julia Restoin-Roitfeld [above, left] is now pregnant, by her long term super-hot model boyfriend Robert Konjic, is both joyful and problematic. Her mother, former-French-Vogue-Editrix-turned-major-fashion-stylist-and-author Carine Roitfeld [above, right] seems about as diametrically opposed to the image we have of Grandma as it's possible to get (although obviously, little Julia has turned out magnificently well, thanks to her [no-doubt yummy] mummy's efforts way-back-when).

And while we know there are many glamour-grannies already leading the way in the fashion industry - from disco diva Diane von Furstenburg in her foxy jersey and hip prints; to the drapey deluxe-hippy elegance of grandmother-of-seven Donna Karan - Carine's high-end goth-meets-S&M wardrobe doesn't immediately seem compatible with inter-generational play dates.

So, you'll be relieved to hear that Grazia Daily has completed an exhaustive baby-proofing style safety check on the granny-to-be. And the results may surprise you...

1. Sharp Shoulders

Ideal for preventing that muslin slipping while baby drifts off to sleep flopped over your shoulder. The shoulder pads will also double as the ultimate handle-bars for piggy-back rides, with the hourglass-sharp silhouette providing a secure, non-slip seat at the waist. Giddy-up!



2. PVC Footwear

Actually incredibly practical for splashing in puddles with little ones... especially over-the-knee-boots... 


3. Leather  

Easy-wipe-clean surface for all spills from baby vom to water paints... 


4. Animal print 

Great for teaching baby who's who at the zoo: 'Can you say "Leh-pad?"' See also: snakeskin, zebra etc.  



5. Fur Coats

Good for "the big monster is coming to bite your bottom!" chase-games. RAH!



6. Couture

Fun 'crafting' project to entertain junior; "shall we add more sparkles?"



7. Pencil Skirts

provide the best solid, flat lap for bouncing baby on the front row etc.



8. Straggly Rock Chick Hair

no worries if baby wants to pull it...



9. Up-All-Night Eyeliner

disguises the times you've been...up all night with a grouchily teething visiting grandchild. Ditto: that deep tan will hide any sleepless pallor, and bare tanned legs mean no tiny hands snagging your hosiery.


10. Lace Veils

= peekaboo central "whez Granny?" "Here I am!" "Whez Granny...." etc etc



11. Leotards

...what better active wear for the Tumbletots indoor playground and ballpark?



...then just add...

12. Capes And Boots And Eyemasks

And suddenly you're... SUPERGRAN! Let's play superheroes!



Conclusion: We think the newest member of this fashion dynasty is a very, very lucky baby... #IWantToBeARoitfeld


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