Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer: Is Kristen Stewart the greatest of them all?

14 November 2011 by

Think Snow White, think dainty princess prancing through the woods with a bunch of dwarfs, right? Think again. New movie 'Snow White and the Huntsman' – or, brilliantly, ‘SWATH’ – is a gritty retelling of the classic story and although we've only got the trailer to go on, good gracious, does it look good.

Kristen Stewart rides a horse in armour in Snow White and the Huntsman

So it’s time to forget the frivolous fairytale and feast your eyes on Kristen Stewart’s kick ass, swash-buckling heroine. The blood red lips and jet-black hair are firmly in place but note the warrior snarl, the raggedy plait and layers of armour. It’s very Joan of Arc-esque, which makes Kristen the perfect candidate for the part. This does, however, beg the question: how does Kristen compare to Snow Whites gone by? It’s time to ask our mirror, mirror on the wall…

snow white disney

Of course, the most beloved Snow White came courtesy of Walt Disney. She's a wide-eyed damsel in distress who charms a pack of dwarfs and the woodland creatures with her merry sing-songing. A dashing Prince Charming saves her from the evil Queen's clutches - and a glass coffin - before whisking her off into the sunset. We sigh.

lily collins snow white

Bizarrely enough, there’s another Snow-White-with-a-twist being released next year starring Julia Roberts as the evil queen and Lily Collins (that's Phil’s daughter) as the titular character. In stills from the film, Lily wears billowing gowns, a butter-wouldn’t-melt-pout and arched mega brows. So basically, she's the human version of the cartoon character and therefore no match for our K-Stew.

snow white shrek

We couldn’t possibly miss the opportunity to revisit the feisty, apple-biting Snow in ‘Shrek’. She’s a black-bobbed princess with a gold bow a-top her head and a screech so scary, it terrifies even talking trees. Oh, how we chuckle. And if you have no idea what we're on about, click here for a reminder.

Rachel Weisz Snow White

Snow White has also been the muse for many a photoshoot. Remember when Rachel Weisz struck a pose for Annie Leibovitz’s Dream Portrait Series? The actress’ porcelain skin and ebony hair make her the prettiest Ms White we ever did see but she’s a tad err, mature to play the role this time round.

Snow White Kim Kardashian

The somewhat garish blue bodice + yellow skirt serves as an ideal costume choice for Halloween, resulting in a ton of Snow White copycats come 31st October – as aptly demonstrated here by Kim Kardashian (who else?).

So remind yourself of the delicious SWATH trailer below and let us know if Kristen Stewart really IS the greatest Snow White of them all…


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