UPDATE: Madonna and Dolce & Gabbana HAVE NOT fallen out!

11 November 2011 by

Madonna in the Dolce & Gabbana adverts

Madonna starred in a previous ad campaign for the Italian duo!

So, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce are launching their BEYOND fabulous range of jewellery this week. In order to promote the gleaming, Catholicism-inspired collection, they gave an interview to Laura Craik, newly crowned Fashion Editor of The Times. In it, Laura and Stefano (Domenico was otherwise engaged, and later emailed his answers in) had a jolly old time. Stefano revealed that his favourite part of a woman was most definitely ‘the breast’ as well as also being fond of ‘the middle of the booby’ while Domenico plumped for ‘the face’. Fascinating stuff.

Stefano Gabbana, Madonna and Domenico Dolce

Stefano Gabbana, Madonna and Domenico Dolce were once the best of friends!

Then, after everything had gone so swimmingly, the hapless fashion editor was left fearing she may have spoiled the mood of the interview a teeny bit by mentioning the name; Madonna – a close friend and collaborator of the designer duo. OR SO SHE THOUGHT;

‘Asked about Madonna (the day before we meet, wwd announces that she is to launch a new clothing collection), Gabbana becomes unusually un-chatty. What does he think of the news?


She’ll be ringing you up for a bit of advice soon.


Oh, OK then. Why not?

‘No, she knows many things. She has a style. There are a lot of pop stars making fashion collections – Kylie and J.Lo, Puff Daddy and Kanye West’. He pauses for a beat.

‘Maybe next season, we should sing a song.’

Madonna in the Dolce & Gabbana advert

Ooooooooooh! *waves handbag violently*

What on Earth has been going on there?


Lovely Stefano Gabbana @stefanogabbana has tweeted us to let as know that in fact, they still love Madonna and it's all business as usual. Phew!


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