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EXCLUSIVE! Amy Winehouse's Stylist Tells us about Dressing Amy for Back to Black

Amy Winehouse on the cover of Back to Black

Amy Winehouse on the cover of Back to Black

On the day of the announcement that Amy Winehouse’s dress will be auctioned to help raise funds for the charity her family has set up in her name, we spoke to Lou Winwood, rock and roll stylist and designer and founder of Eighties boutique I Dream Of Wires about working with Amy and how they created that iconic image for the cover of Back To Black, her most successful album.

‘I’d been working with Amy to pick out clothes for this shoot and we’d had a fitting the day before. The morning of the shoot itself was chaos as I’d been up all night with my poorly son at hospital and Amy had been to a wedding, carried on partying all night and gone AWOL. The record company couldn’t get hold of her so it was my job to track her down, which I did.

Amy Winehouse wearing short shorts

I’d worked with Amy before and she was always easy to shoot with and never made a fuss or threw a diva strop or anything like that at this point. In fact, one problem we did have was borrowing great clothes for her because hardly anyone knew who she was. I remember doing prep with her, we’d walk into shops together, Amy would be wearing the teeniest ever sawn-off shorts accessorised by a guitar – people didn’t know what to make of her! The only reason I managed to borrow that little white chiffon dress was because I was friends with the owner of the PR company who represented Disaya, the designer.

Amy Winehouse cover art Back to Black

It was such a pretty, cutesy little dress, exactly the sort of thing that Amy would put on and then make it look totally rock and roll with her mad hair and all her tattoos. We never particularly planned her look – it was just ‘her’. We didn’t know this shoot was going to be for the cover of her album and of course we didn’t know the album was going to be so massive either. She really wasn’t that famous at the time.

Amy Winehouse in the video for Rehab

Lou Winwood also styled Amy in the Rehab video

One thing I remember clearly was that she used to refer to clothes as ‘him’ rather than ‘it’ so if she wanted to wear a particular look she’d say ‘I like him’. With that white dress, it was a case of; she liked him.

I also styled her for the cover of Frank – her first album. When we did that, she didn’t quite fit the samples – she’d be all pinned in and strapped in. When I worked with her for Back to Black, the opposite was true, she shrunk so much everything was too big, and I even used to call in children’s clothes for her, she really was so tiny.

Lou Winwood also styled Amy Winehouse in the Rehab video

Lou Winwood also styled Amy in the Rehab video

I also worked with her on the video for Rehab and a song called You Know I’m No Good. Although I hadn’t worked with her for a few years, it was very strange indeed when she died. Looking at that cover brings back so many memories.’

Amy Winehouse album FRANK

The dress is to be auctioned off as part of Kerry Taylor's and Sotheby's vintage clothes sale to raise money for charity on 29th November. Be warned that you will need to smash your piggy bank and maybe dip down the back of the sofa though, because the estimated price is £10-£20,000! Incidentally this is far more than a collection of Wallis Simpson's spectacle cases, which also feature in the auction, is expected to reach.


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