Stars Wear Versace for H&M: Blake! Nicki Minaj! Uma! Emma Roberts!

09 November 2011 by


Boom! Versace for H&M landed in NYC last night with a star-studded launch party. The looooong-awaited collaboration between Donatella Versace's sexy Italian luxury label and the Swedish high street giants already has a celebrity following reflecting that of the high end designer label itself.

Of course the stars wore the new collection, but what we want to know is: which styles did our favourite fashion icons chose to wear?


First up Blake Lively, already a longtime Versace fan (remember her va-va-voom scarlet Emmy's gown in 2009? And the teal one-shouldered semi-sheer dress for the Model as Muse Met Ball gala the same year?). Never missing an opportunity to flash those coltish limbs, the woman known as "Boobs Legsly" opted for a white strapless corset-minidress with black detailing and gold studding (sooo Versace). Teamed with black opaque tights, her matching heels were invisible so we're assuming an absence of Christian Louboutin red soles (Blake's other fashion passion), which means Blake was almost certainly wearing some of the wicked shoes from the Versace for H&M line too (more of those later). Finished off with a very-Blake very-Versace tuxedo jacket, we think this monochrome look makes an elegantly sexy, and totally wearable look for the 2012 party season.


Ahh, Nicki Minaj. How we love you. Let's face it, it's not easy to upstage a Versace print, but Ms Minaj is having a damn fine crack at it in her Kermit-green afro wig. Nicki was performing live during the evening's catwalk presentation, and almost certainly managed to steal the - ahem - lime-light from some of the models in this matchy-matchy stretchy-stretchy head-to-toe black floral outfit. Those shoulder-pads are out of this world. And we love that, like Nicki, Donatella never knows when to quit - sequins and florals and lycra and shoulder pads? Take that, minimalism trend!


And now let's take a moment to enjoy imaging the look on Emma Roberts' face when she arrived at the party and realised she was wearing the same outfit as Nicki Minaj. Okay, so Emma has opted for a corset top instead of Nicki's shoulder-tastic tunic, but still, it's a testament to the versatility of Versace that Emma looks so cute and cool in her outfit, and how well that print can work even without being accessorised with a green curly wig and I-hate-you-so-much-right-now pout. Emma did, however, accessorise with one of the Versace for H&M mini bags, and some bright blue catwalky heels from the collection.


Over to Uma Thurman. The six foot goddess reminded us all of one of our favourite Versace eras - the Supermodel Years. In an elegantly pared-down tightly tailored jacket and thigh split narrow skirt in chic black, the actress proved that this range is not just for crazy party kids looking for shouty prints to show off in (nothing wrong with that, just sayin'). And those signature gold Medusa buttons are the perfect nod to the Italian luxury powerbrand, without tipping over into Liz Hurley safety pin territory.


Did someone say supermodel? Remember that ultimate fashion moment, when four supermodels marched down the Versace catwalk arm-in-arm lip synching to George Michael's Faith? Of course not, you're far too young. Well, one of those legendary supermodels was Linda Evangelista. And here she is! Wearing a leather coat with Versace belt, over a jazzy patterned shirt. We seriously hope those biker boots are from the Versace for H&M collection. Don't break our hearts, Linda.



Talking of pared down, we come to the pared-down silhouette of Jennifer Hudson and her own choice of a superchic Versace for H&M LBD. Hudson, who you may remember as Carrie Bradshaw's faintly annoying It-bag-addict assistant in the first Sex and the City movie, is now a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, and this dress, with its on-trend skater skirt and uber-flattering corsetry-detail top, is the ultimate simple and sophisticated dress to show off that hard-won bod.


Crush alert! We've always loved Selma Blair, and her impossibly glossy black hair. Sigh. She's got the perfect colouring for this hot lipstick pink tunic shift with more gold studding (yes it's a key detail in the collection). And note: real style icons know not to match a hot lipstick pink dress pink lipstick.


Yay! Kaylee DeFer is here! (no, us neither; apparently she's now in Gossip Girl playing Ivy Dickens, 'a con artist who assumes the role of the Serena van der Woodsen's cousin Charlie Rhodes', we Wiki'd). Anyway, what does any of that matter when Ms DeFer is wearing this cheeky little get-the-party-started number - how cute is that pink heart print, and the matching fringing? And what else to pair it with but bright pink heels from the collection. Fun, fun, fun.


But what to choose when you are known for your restrained good taste and refined aesthetic, so much so that you are an ambassador for luxury fashion houses such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton? Just ask socialite-stylist Caroline Sieber, seen here in a muted silver chainmail dress that hits the right note of jet-set Studio 54 revival luxe. Bravo, lady.


And women don't get much more tasteful than Sofia Coppola, whose style takes restraint to a whole new level of understated cool. Did Sofia find something to wear from ther Versace for H&M collection? Something low-key simple and still totally Sofia? Why, yes she did. A short sleeve little-bit-Sixties shift dress, with just a hint of gold buttoning at the waist. Sofia has chosen to forego the killer brightly coloured skyscraper shoes from the collection for her trademark classic ballet flats.


Oh look, it's Chloe Moretz! The 14 year old starlet recently revealed in an interview 'My closet isn't ridiculously amazing because my mom doesn't allow me to buy Dolce and designers'. This is the teen's moment for revenge (although hopefully without any potty-mouth this time, thank you, Miss Kick-Ass); this colour-pop bright studded yellow shift dress is Versace.... but it's Versace for H&M! In your face, Mom! (And we're betting Mom didn't see you leaving the house in those awesome Vesace for H&M heels, young lady).


And what did Donatella herself choose to wear..? Why not one but two corset tight black leather dresses, and some matching killer platform heels. We'd expect nothing less...

Sadly, for the rest of us, there is still an agonising wait before the collection hits selected H&M stores worldwide on November 19th and we can finally get our mitts on some Versace for H&M.

What are you looking forward to buying? And who do you think looks best in the collection?


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