REVEALED! Mrs Prada's favourite underwear!

03 November 2011 by

Miuccia Prada

Here’s something you weren’t expecting us to say this drizzly Thursday morning - Miuccia Prada likes to wear neon knickers!  Ah. There you are, that’s cheered you up now, hasn’t it? Editor of Love magazine and superstylist, Katie Grand, was chatting to reporters at a party and they asked her to come up with some little known facts about the big name designers she’s worked with. When the topic was Mrs Prada, powerhouse owner and designer of Prada and Miu Miu, Katie didn’t hesitate before responding – ‘She wears fluoro underwear. . . . Well, I don’t know if she still does, but when we last worked together she’d quite often have fluorescent underwear on and I so loved that about her! It was so unexpected’ Well, the woman is also known for her banana earrings and racing car shoes, so from a taste point of view it’s not an enormous shock.

Katie Grand wearing Louis Vuitton

What is more of a riddle is, WHERE in the world does she buy it from? Grazia Daily have got quite a preference for a neon knickerbocker ourselves, and have devoted whole days to the pursuit of it on the British High Street in the past. As soon as you find a shop that sells it, they seem to cease stocking the stuff and you have to go elsewhere. We appeal to you, Mrs Prada, if you a running up these fluoro pantaloons and bras yourself in the Prada factory, then for goodness sake – make them available to buy!


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