Donatella Versace Loves Christopher Kane and Karl Lagerfeld - but not Roberto Cavalli!

02 November 2011 by

Donatella Versace in Newsweek by Amy Sioux

Donatella Versace in Newsweek by Amy Sioux

As we know from Christopher Kane’s own mouth, Donatella Versace is one of the funniest, and nicest people working in fashion. She’s such a legend – like her great friend, Karl Lagerfeld, she’s recognizable in silhouette alone, and dare we say it, a teeny tad imposing? We’re not sure we would bowl up to her and start chatting if we met her at a party, is what we mean. However, appearances might, in this case, be deceptive!

Judging by quotes that Donatella has given, she certainly is very funny, and self-deprecating, and a brilliant in-depth interview from Newsweek only goes to prove it. Here are some of the gems she came out with;

Like Kate Moss she’s never far from a packet of fags and her preference is for hardcore Marlboro Reds, accompanied by a bejewelled lighter and a Versace-Medusa-Head-branded glass containing water, AT ALL TIMES!We don't know how that glass gets there every time, but it always does,’ a member of her staff reveals!

Donatella Versace in her behind the scenes video

We know she loves her protégé, Christopher Kane as much as he loves her, but did you know she also thinks Karl Lagerfeld is ‘a genius and fearless’. But it’s not all sunshine and kittens. Roberto Cavalli, for example, comes in for a bit of criticism. Err, well a lot actually, and will now have to answer to the charges from Signora Versace! As Donatella herself puts it, too much ‘homage’! She says; ‘I think that to a collection-how do you say-as an homage to Versace, that is fine. But when you do a lot of collections as an homage to Versace-why? What's the point?’ then, turning to her horrified PR lady, saying ‘Was I a beetch?’ Then bursting out laughing. She’s not a fan of Silvio Berlusconi either, as Donatella openly declares; ‘the Parliament (in Italy) is good at selling lies. That's what they do, they sell lies, and I'm embarrassed.’

Lindsay Wixson in her Versace H&M video

According to Newsweek, Donatella is so nice that she was a model patient when she ended up in rehab for cocaine addiction, way back in 2004. When her friends staged an "intervention" that sent her to rehab in 2004, Franca Sozzani said, ‘The only thing she complained about was not be able to wear high heels. She said, 'I can give up anything but not my high heels.' She's totally ironic and self-aware.’

Brilliant stuff!


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