Is Made In Chelsea's Caggie the new Serena van der Woodsen?

27 September 2011

Give us a woop if last night you were watching MIC (that's Made In Chelsea, obvs). Yep, us too and you know what? Despite Millie's ridiculously leggy legs and Spencer's unexpected hotness (hello RPattz hair!), we're developing quite the crush on Caggie Dunlop.

No, seriously. It's that full-lipped winsome smile that did it. Or maybe those luscious blonde waves and that husky voice telling Spence to stop acting like a douche. Either way, we can't help but be reminded of one top telly totty we've long admired: Ms Blake Lively.

Hang on, hear us out. It all started when we spotted Cags at The Global Party earlier this month [above]. The reality star had just wrapped shooting with more! magazine and was still sporting the glam Mango gown they'd dressed her in. Hmmm, Grazia Daily mused, there's something familiar about this one...doesn't it bear more than a striking resemblance to this:

Yes! Caggie is to Chelsea what Serena Van Der Woodsen is to the Upper East Side - the gorgeous gal about town with a bottomless bank account, plummy surname and a constant trail of men in tow.

These musings have instigated a fun game here at Grazia HQ called 'Is Caggie The New Serena?' (it's a working title), which involves rifling through our Style Files - and LOOK what we found!

Evidence that Caggie's nonchalant and effortlessly elegant combos could've been pulled straight from the Van Der Woodsen wardrobe. We're talking thigh-skimming denim shorts, maxi dresses with bejewelled sandals and cosy coats draped over a beautiful, buxom frame. Granted, Cags could do with a splash of colour here and there, and some more *ahem* imaginative accessorising, but all in all, it's a promising start.

If you want more proof, check out the full shoot of Ms Dunlop avec suave-looking Chuck and Nate Hugo and Spencer in more! magazine on sale TODAY. C'mon, you know you want to join the Caggie Crushing...

- Jessica Vince


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