Kate Middleton to appear on the cover of Vogue?

27 September 2011

Official royal engagement photo by Mario Testino

Wills and Kate's official engagement photos by Mario Testino

Would you be interested in seeing Kate Middleton on the cover of US Vogue? Anna Wintour certainly would, and has dispatched her henchman and close friend of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, photographer Mario Testino, to find her. Just like the footman with the glass slipper, he must not come back UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES until he’s found the girl whose foot it fits, i.e. Kate Middleton – and does a 12 page (we imagine) fashion editorial cover shoot with her.

Poor Mario! One the one hand, none of us likes to disappoint our boss, let alone when said boss is the scariest she-dragon this side of the Hogwarts staff room, on the other hand, it sounds like Kate Middleton is really not that keen. She’s mentioned time and time again that she’s not interested in being ‘a clothes horse’  and would much rather be known for, umm, her other hobbies and interests? (Can we come back to those later?)

 Kate Middleton Tatler Magazine coverPippa Middleton Tatler magazine cover

Other reasons that luck is not on the hapless Mario’s side is – the Palace publicity machine is notoriously reticent to approve publicity ventures, as a source told The New York Post, where the story originated; ‘Every magazine has been trying to get Kate, and many assume it will eventually be Vogue. But even with the Mario Testino  relationship, it is not clear when this will happen. The Palace must approve it, and they are very protective of Kate.’

Then there’s a fact she refused the services of a stylist, eschewed professional makeup artists’ help and her rumoured strong-mindedness and self-sufficiency. Doesn’t look good for Anna Wintour at Vogue, does it?

Ms Wintour, for her part, has always been a big fan of Princess Kate, saying recently, ‘There’s nothing trashy or vulgar about her,’ the editrix has been quoted. ‘She dresses her age and never looks out of place.’ We quite agree, Miss Wintour, to say nothing of the absolute squadrons of American royal-watchers who would dash to the supermarkets in their millions to part with their cash for a shiny K-Mid covered issue.

 Princess Diana Vogue cover 1981Princess Diana Vogue cover 1991

As far as a potted history of royal fashion mag covers go, we can offer you the following insight; Princess Diana appeared on UK Vogue four times, in 1981, the year of her engagement, 1991 and 1994, as part of a fashion triangle – renowned now sadly late editor, Liz Tilberis, and photographer Mario Testino, who carried on his close relationship with her two sons. This explains why he takes their official portraits, including the engagement series with Kate in that blue Issa dress and white ruffly Reiss blouse. Diana appeared once more on Vogue, posthumously in October 1997, the issue after her death, and she once graced the cover of US Harper’s Bazaar, but not US Vogue. Both Middletons have appeared on the cover of UK Tatler, the posh person’s favourite reading material, although neither posed for a specific shoot, it was a reworked archive photo in both cases.

Princess Diana on the cover of Vogue 1994Princess Diana Vogue cover 1997

Well well well. Who will win this particular battle of wills? Something tells us we’ve not heard the last of this. As soon as we have more news, we will bring it to you!

- Naomi Attwood


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