Franca Sozzani asks Marc Jacobs about THAT Dior rumour

23 September 2011

Franca Sozzani Marc Jacobs Dior

There’s always one at any dinner party. The person who suffers from  foot in mouth disease, who likes to speak before think, and who makes hilariously inappropriate statements that leave people around the dinner table feeling just a tad – well – awkward.

On Wednesday night at the dinner to celebrate the new Louis Vuitton exhibit at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, that person was ousted by the New York Times as none other than class clown Franca Sozzani. The Vogue Italia editor, known for having a unique set of opinions which she’s not afraid to share, was clearly bored of everybody whispering in hushed tones about the rumours that Marc Jacobs might be going to Dior. So she stood up and blurted out what everybody in the room was thinking but too afraid to say: “Marc, we don’t know what will happen. Only you know that....” Question Mark. Silence.

Fellow attendees including such fashion luminaries as Anna dello Russo, Margherita Missoni and Elisa Sednaoi put their heads down and furiously pushed their ravioli around their plates, pretending not to have heard, but on-the-spot Jacobs replied with a vague “It’s great working at Louis Vuitton, it’s an amazing company,” before thanking the guests for coming and promptly legging it from the room.

It’s not the first time Signora Sozzani has aired her thoughts about He Who Must Not Be Named. Just a few weeks ago in Milan she was reported by the Daily Beast as making the following extraordinary statement about who should take the throne at Dior.

“Hire back John Galliano. Look, I understand their point of view. I understand they couldn’t just say, ‘Bad boy! We forgive you! Come back!’ But it’s really a pity. And I will never believe he believed what he said. I think he was drunk and alone in a bar. When people go crazy, they go crazy. It’s a human case, it’s not political or religious. He didn’t kill anyone!”

While Galliano may not have killed anyone, Sozzani certainly managed to kill whatever atmosphere there had been at the dinner. ADR was amongst the most put out. “Dinners, no good,” she said as she evacuated her untouched ravioli onto a neighbour’s plate, “Dancing, good.”

And with that everyone went back to dancing around the subject like the good fashion people they are.

- Alannah Sparks


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