We chat to Louise Gray backstage at her very spangley show!

20 September 2011

Cotton USA have been too-cool-for-school designer, Louise Gray’s sponsor for ages now (three seasons ) and they invited us backstage to come and shower the lovely Louise with compliments and ask her a few questions. As you can see she could quite easily be mistaken for one of her own models, being teeny tiny, blonde and always dressed and made up in plenty of unexpected colour combinations and glitter sparkles.

We asked her;

Grazia Daily: Who or what was the muse for the collection? Was it something to do with the film Clueless?

Louise Gray: Yes, that was part of it, but really I put this collection together from all the things I like to wear for spring and summer. Just everything in my wardrobe really, all my favourite things

GD: And what are you favourite things, more specifically? Beading, embellishment . . .

LG: beading, embellishment, embroidery, prints, foil prints, devore prints, everything!

GD: The hair is amazing! What is it? Is it a crimp? Or a twist? What was the brief?

LG: We just wanted it to look really ragga, or almost as though she’d slept in it . . . going a bit fuzzy around the edges.

GD: Almost like a Buffalo girl?

LG: Yeah, a bit like that.

Finale at Louise Gray's catwalk show London Fashion Week

GD: Tell us about the shoes – they look great. They’re kind of flat platforms, like Geisha shoes, aren’t they? Why didn’t you want to do heels?

LG: I just feel that flats are nicer for summer because you want to walk around a lot and do things. And dance in them – very importantly.

GD: Every season, you always look great at your shows, but we you’re never wearing something that looks like the collection. Do you whip yourself up a show outfit for yourself?

LG: Ha ha ha. Nope. This was just something I had lying around. I like the colours.

GD: Where is it from?

LG: It’s vintage.

Louise Gray takes her bow on the catwalk

GD: Every season we see Louise Wilson on the front row of your show. [Head of the MA course at Central Saint Martins] you don’t see her at many people’s shows but a lot of designers went to CSM. What’s your connection with her?

LG: I don’t know! I’ve just kept in touch with her and it’s so nice that she comes! She very supportive.

GD: You had two Gwen Stefani songs in your mix in the show. Is there a Gwen Stefani thing going on?

LG: Giggles a lot. Erm,Yeah. It’s not particularly Gwen, because I’m not into celebs, but it’s that whole attitude. How she stomps around the place and how she moves [Does a little dance] It’s that attitude.

GD: It’s true! She has got the perfect attitude. Thank you so much for speaking to us!

-Naomi Attwood


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