Grazia Daily reviews BINTM Episode 11!

15 September 2011

britain and ireland's next top model

Grazia Daily usually enjoys the dubious pleasures of BINTM solo; the boyfriend having a serious aversion to Julien Macdonald's new hairstyle. This week however, as a result of a variety of unavoidable factors, the boyfriend joined Grazia Daily on the sofa as Elle and the judges whittled the girls up from four, to five, and back down to four.

Turns out that sometimes fresh eyes are pretty useful. ‘Everybody’s talking’, said the boyfriend, ‘but nobody’s saying anything that makes sense.’ And lo, he was correct. Inexplicably, Monday night’s episode of BINTM saw lovely Jess asked to leave the competition from Miami, after winning both challenges and producing a pretty good picture, following a ludicrous mission which involved cheerleading, alligators and a Mexican soap opera. Rrright.

britain's next top model jessica

Anyway, we grabbed Jess [above] yesterday for a chat, where we exclaimed our bemusement at her departure. ‘I was quite surprised to leave’ she told us, ‘but I knew that doing well in the challenge at that stage in the competition wouldn’t make up for not having a good picture’. True; but her picture wasn’t bad – not when we’re thinking about Tanya not even doing her underwater shoot a few weeks ago. Aanyhoo – Jess also said that she will continue modelling, although ‘I threw my toys out of the pram a bit’ after departing the BINTM competition (fair enough). In fact, she’s already done a couple of shoots, so watch this space peeps.

We also loved her for appearing in The Hour in a brilliantly slinky-cameo-type fashion. ‘I was so nervous about that’ she says ‘that we had to do SO MANY takes!’. Judging by her (pretty impressive) performance in the (dreadful) Mexican Soap challenge, she shouldn’t have worried.

But there you have it. We now have Anastacija, Juste, Imogen and Jade for the final four, so join us next week for another episode of the madness!

charlotte holmes britain's  next top model

And what did Charlotte say?

Kissing a slimy man? Ha! I’m SO glad i didn’t have to do this task. Everyone did well to even give it a go; and the spa prize which Jess won looked fantastic. I loved the cheerleading task- however i think Imogen and Jess did equally well, so I can see why Imogen was disappointed she didn’t win.

The bridal shoot looked fantastic and what an unbelievable location! I loved the twist of bringing Anastacija back for that. I think all the girls performed amazingly on the bridal shoot...but it was shame that after Jess' great performance in both tasks; she failed to put on such a great performance on set. And although it seemed slightly unfair that Anastacija hadn't done the tasks, she is clearly the stronger model.

Very excited to see the drama next week!

P.s. how unreal did Elle look this week? I LOVE that woman.

Charlotte Holmes is Grazia Daily’s guest columnist for this season of BINTM and is the compere for this year’s BINTM live, 28th 30th October, which follows the BINTM TV final at London's Excel. The giant live fashion event featuring judges Charley and Grace, includes catwalk shows with all of this year’s BINTM contestants as well as a viewer’s runway, live music, fashion styling, beauty, pampering and a TON of extra stuff. ACE! 

- Alex Butt


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