Are you ready for the Repli-Kate’s?

09 September 2011

Kate Middleton is undoubtedly the girl du jour, in spite of the fact that precisely three people have ever heard her talk (the phrase ‘I will’ notwithstanding) and this fashion week season we are set to see a whole host of Repli-Kate’s, or Middy-clones, or Duchess-a-like’s, or whatever you want to call them, hit the catwalks, according to the NY Times.

In their article, entitled ‘Are The RepliKate’s Ready To March?’ (a terrifying prospect if ever there was one) Rachel Zoe, who spearheaded the trend for all things messy, oversized and boho says that ‘we are definitely returning to a time when we want things that are more timeless and polished, not looking a mess’. Ken Downing, fashion director of Neiman Marcus, adds ‘dressing up is the new cool, and dressing down is old school…. I attribute much of that to Kate.’

And Grazia Daily agrees! In fact, Sarah Mower, the BFC’s ambassador for emerging talent told Grazia three weeks ago that ‘the upcoming spring collections will be full of “Kate Middleton” dresses aimed squarely at her’, partly because designers know that to have one of their designs won by Kate is a sure-fire way to make it a sell out, but also because we’re about to embrace an era of dressing like a lay-dee.

But what do we call this zeitgeist-y move towards classic, grown-up clothing? Well, Ed Burstell, the managing director for Liberty of London, has a suggestion in the NY Times piece: ‘we are in a Kate moment’, he said, and it can be defined by attaching the following name to The Duchess ‘the anti-Kardashian’. The anti-Kardashian? GEEENIUS.

- Alex Butt


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