Stella McCartney shows us HOW TO THROW A (kids) PARTY!

08 September 2011

So, yesterday we rolled our lazy chops AWAY from our desk, climbed aboard one of London’s finest underground trains and set sail for deepest Ladbroke Grove. The occasion? The launch of the latest round of Stella McCartney’s kidswear. Now, I am sure you are all familiar with the phrase; yummy mummy - agreed? However, until you spend at least 5 minutes hanging out in leafy West London at 4pm on a school day, you don’t really grasp the full meaning of the term. Stella and her team had thoughtfully commandeered what looked from the outside, a modest village hall for the occasion, on entrance however, we realised it was about five rooms over two floors, each filled with different delicious delightful treats. There was a cake section with tables covered in gingham cloths GROANING under the weight of cakes, scones, biccies and flowers in retro jam jars, a mini bucking bronco for the kids to ride on, a hall of mirrors, a huge Scalextric, a balloon animal artist doing the rounds, candy floss and bunting galore. Outside in the garden there was a 60 ft Helter Skelter and a pair of miniature ponies for the kids to ride around on, while being supervised of course.

The new Stella McCartney Kids collection features her distinctive brand of Stella signatures, re-modelled for miniature people. This season’s colour palette includes plenty of bright denims, colourful prints and detailed embroideries in a variety of contrasting colours such as hot pink, bright melon, ultra orange and truck red alongside the neutrals and jeans, and we particularly envy the next generation in their ability to squeeze into the cool printed t-shirts emblazoned with motifs like dinosaurs in sunglasses, banana cowboys and lively citrus fruits. Ooh – and there’s even a dress with detachable wings, which we would definitely earmark if we were either 20 years younger or a mum of daughters.

Everywhere we looked at the party there were rake thin ladies with posh highlights, comfy cardigans and freshly laundered jeans, surrounded by cute-as-a-button children playing sweetly with their new balloon animals. Wow, we were in heaven. Stella appeared in person, representing the pinnacle of yummy mumminess itself, looking both spotless and immaculate in crease-front 70’s indigo flares, a fine knit top and a sharp-as-a-pin tailored navy blazer. As she mingled with her guests (among them Laura Bailey and Kate Moss) we sighed inaudibly to ourselves. We didn’t look immaculate at all and our stilettos were beginning to pinch. We felt torn in two directions simultaneously – one wistful that we hadn’t thought to reproduce ourselves a couple of years prior to being invited to such a wonderful event (careless!) and two – reluctantly admitting to ourselves the likelihood of us ever, ever achieving such perfection in the line of familyhood was slim, indeed, wafer thin. Oh dear.

- Naomi Attwood


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