Anna Dello Russo LOVES Kate Middleton’s style!

08 September 2011

kate middletonkate middleton anna dello russo

(And thinks her nude tights are ‘avant-garde’)

We love Kate Middleton – you know that, we’ve said it often enough – but her obsessive-compulsive donning of nude tights with just a touch of sheen leaves us slightly cold. It’s just a bit, MILF-y, right? But it seems we’re alone in feeling this, because style-setter Anna Dello Russo thinks they’re ‘avant-garde’.

ADR, over breakfast with the New York Times (lucky them) has revealed her thoughts about Kate style, saying ‘I love it. She’s modern, really modern. She’s smart to mix cheap clothes with, like, Alexander McQueen, and small labels — even I don’t know the names sometimes of the brands she’s wearing. That’s so smart. That’s a great message to the younger generation because it's a democratic approach.’

YES! Agreed on that score. However, that’s where Grazia Daily and Anna start to differ. Defending Kate’s choice of panty-hose, Anna says that Kate is ‘quite old fashioned, but modern in countenance, and when she was wearing fleshy nude stockings, that’s kind of old fashioned, but on her, with a yellow dress, it was looking so avant garde. She rocked it. I think she has the kind of personality to make them modern. I like it.’

Hmm. We’re uncertain. But hey - even armed with the knowledge that the tights would stay, Anna is still top of the list of people we’d love to see take Kate by the hand and lead her straight past the nude court shoes and headlong into an accessories department. If we close our eyes, do you think it’ll happen?

- Alex Butt


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