Tavi Speaks about her new online mag - Rookie!

07 September 2011

Tavi, we do love you, even though sometimes we don’t know whether you’re the voice of a generation or the most pretentious thing since Carine Roitfeld described the characteristics of her star sign in detail to Karl Lagerfeld over pomegranate tea. Now Tavi is launching her own online magazine, like we told you before, and it’s called Rookie – like her blog used to be Style Rookie, except that, correspondingly, it will be less focused on fashion and style, and more on the agony and ecstasy of being a teenager in 2011. 

As Tavi said herself in what can only be described as an EXHAUSTIVE Q&A with NY mag (good thing we drank those extra 4 cups of coffee for breakfast is all we can say)

‘To me, what I'm writing for the site and how I'm overseeing it, a lot of it is really almost selfish because it's really just what I like or what I think maybe doesn't get said enough. And people are like, "But is Tavi the average American girl or not?" But there are some things that are just universal amongst teenage girls, and I don't mean, like, slumber parties. I mean something like when you first start noticing other people noticing your body, that is a weird experience and is part of every culture somehow. I also don't think the average American teenage girl really exists, I just think that there are shared qualities and experiences.’

Or when you have to clean out your locker and it’s full of month-old rotting packed lunches and excrement-smeared paper bags, Tavi? But we digress.

Another of her most revealing/ridiculously introspective responses was to the question;

Why did you ditch your glasses? They were a Tavi trademark.

‘Probably because you could call them something like a Tavi trademark! I was tired of them. I think one of the future issues of Rookie will be themed "Transformation." I'll probably include something that I've been writing about re-watching Juno. I used to be obsessed with that movie, and then I hated it because I hated who I used to be — I was really embarrassed and felt so silly. So it's about re-watching it realizing that it's actually a good movie and making peace with who I used to be. In my favourite Joan Didion essay, "On Keeping a Notebook," there's this amazing passage in which she writes that you have to make peace with who you used to be, because it all comes back and eventually that person will show up knocking in the middle of the night. So I guess I'll make peace with my glasses, eventually.’

Oh yes, *wakes self up hastily* and of course THIS; on why she’s not slavishly following fashion as dictated by magazines and the catwalk these days; ‘I think it's been much more exciting for me to find ways for fashion to relate to something like Twin Peaks, rather than to a collection I liked. I mean, I would rather dress like a book character’

Well, don’t we all, Tavi? BUT WHICH ONE?? Miss Havisham?  Anne of Green Gables? Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby? Or Just William?

You tell us!

- Naomi Attwood


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