Diane Kruger's Style: all her own work!

07 September 2011

Here at Grazia Daily, you may have noticed we like us some Diane Kruger. The actress never fails to deliver a healthy dose of killer outfits with a side order of je ne sais quoi cool. And guess what? As we’ve long suspected, Diane’s sartorial talents are entirely au naturale. Yep, instead of hiring a stylist to pick out her Best-Dressed-worthy ensembles, the 35-year-old tells InStyle that she selects them ALL with her own fair hands. Admirable and totally enviable you say? Well yes, it is rather.

'I like to be a little different,’ DK says of her fashion prowess. ‘In LA, everyone wears the same dresses. I think my background as a model helps, because I like experimenting and I'm not afraid of fashion or what other people think’. ‘What other people think’ generally being, HOLY MOLY, SHE LOOKS AMAZOID!

Granted, it helps when a girl can count Karl Lagerfeld as a sugar daddy, resulting in a wardrobe packed with Chanel confections. And, of course, securing a deal with Calvin Klein is sure to up your fashion kudos and brimming wardobe. Having killer cheekbones and legs-up-to-here also gives her a slight advantage. Oh, and did we mention she has Pacey Witter on her arm too? Making it almost impossible for the delectable Diane to ever get it wrong. Right?

Well, appazza, Diane has 'worn dresses people didn't like,' she reveals. Eh? Who are these 'people'?! As faithful Diane-lovers, Grazia Daily is convinced she'd look hot in a grubby potato sack (not that she'd ever actually wear one, of course) and in this Gaga-era, we regard her as one of the more consistently brilliantly dressers (the images above serving as proof).

But this has got us pondering about those Diane Dresses some may not have been so fond of. So shall we take this opportunity to have a more in-depth dig through our Kruger Portal of Fashion? Yes, let's!

This Chanel number was seen by some as yucky in terms of colour and covered in Christmas decorations when it comes to embellishments. Poor lamb, we've all been there.

Was this Dolce & Gabbana frock a tad too short, many asked? That sure is a whole lotta leg! But then, you know what they say, if you've got it, flaunt it.

Another Chanel number and another wave of critics raising a quizzical eyebrow at this explosion of multi-coloured ruffles. Taking part in Fashion Jury, fashionrat asked whether it'd been fashioned out of old tissues. But if anyone can pull off old tissues, it's Diane (be warned: that doesn't mean anyone else can).

Speaking of ruffles, this Lacroix gown that Diane wore to the Golden Globes was in danger of being restricted to frumpsville, but the girlie girl in us can't help but love that delicious colour.

Ah yes, you know those days when you think it'd be fun to wear a silky wedding gown? This was one of those days for our Kruger. Unfortunatley, the dress wasn't to everyone's taste, but she can put it down to being 'directorial', no?

Eek! We all know hareems are a tricky trend to pull off, even if you are a Diane Kruger. And these are silvery, shiney and shin-length, making them particuarly tricky. So c'mon, let's forgive her.

But what are your thoughts? Has this display of possible fugness put you right off? Does Diane have as many misses as she does hits? Or can she not put a fashion foot wrong in your eyes? Join us in the box below!

- Jessica Vince



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