Tavi's Web Magazine Launches On MONDAY!

02 September 2011


Ooh, Lady Gaga will be pleased! Following on from the singer’s praise of little Tavi Gevinson yesterday, the darling of the blogging world is set to launch her own 'web magazine' NEXT WEEK. Ooo-eee.
You'll remember Tavi's already teased us with tantalising details, explaining that it's a 'magazine for an audience of teenage girls’ and although there’ll be occasional print editions, the magazine will mainly be online. And today, thanks to an interview with New York Times Magazine, we know the site’s official name is Rookie (see what she’s done there?!) and it promises to respect ‘intelligence in the readers that right now a lot of writing about teenage girls doesn’t’. Yes indeedy, there’ll be NO talking ‘about how awful celebrities are,’ the pint-sized writer says, because this is an indie arena for serious issues, like, y'know, the first day at school.

With a team of grown-up media gurus - ex-staffer at This American Life Emily Condon, Jeremy Zilar from The Times, guest contributor Zooey Deschanel and Jane Pratt of xojane as ‘fairy godmother’ - Rookie's got a pretty good head start. Plus, considering Tavi started her blog at the tender age of 11 before gracing the cover of POP, bagging more FROW spots than Blake Lively and inspiring Rodarte’s Target line, she’s offically a bonafide 15-year-old fashionista. Yes, we feel horribly old too.
Speaking of which, there’s no need to fret about the teeny teen sneaking onto her laptop when she should be doing schoolwork because, conveniently, the daily posts fit around her target audience’s schedule - the first after school, the second at dinnertime and the third ‘when you do your last Facebook check around bed or whatever.' Oh to live the tween dream…
So let's hear your thoughts on the web mag, peeps. Do you reckon Gaga's on the money and Tavi really IS a child prodigy who represents ‘the future of journalism’? Or should she just put on a Twilight DVD and talk about boys over a cup of hot chocolate?

- Jessica Vince


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