Look At What We Just Got! Yum.

26 August 2011

It hasn't exactly been the brightest, sunniest, most beautiful late August summer day, here in ol' London, let's be honest. But you can always rely on friends to turn all that around with a simple act of kindness, can't you? Well, Grazia Daily HQ cannot imagine a kinder act than delivering - in the rain! - a small bag, smelling of goodness that when torn open by a gaggle of tired Grazia Daily ladiez (not a pretty sight!) reveals this...

Yum and yum again!!! The kind friend in question is Tommy, the extraordinary blogger behind one of our favourite blogs (and we seriously mean favourite) This Is Naive, who alongside her other many talents and skills (just visit her blog and look for the straw baskets she makes!) is also an amazing baker! Tommy is trying out some recipes and she dropped off some macha green tea biscuits and jasmine blossom and pine nut loaf cake for us to try and offer feedback. So, with our professional food critic hat on we can say that the biscuits were yummy, yummy, yummy, yum and we found the cake to be deliciously yummy yummy yum yummy yum!!! We hope this helps, Tommy.



-- Kiki Georgiou


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