Is Anne Hathaway style-jacking Kate Middleton?

24 August 2011

Waves of glossy hair falling onto a white Alexander McQueen gown, chocolatey doe-eyes and a beaming smile, crowds of screaming fans... Sounds familiar, no?

anne hathaway mcqueen premiere white lace

Of course, we're talking about Anne Hathaway at the One Day premiere in London last night, but you’d be forgiven for thinking we were referring to a certain other brunette beauty. Can you guess who?

kate middleton anne hathaway

Yes, as we cooed over the actress' embroidered Sarah Burton creation, we couldn’t help being reminded of our very own Princess Catherine at the Royal Wedding. Roll your eyes as much as you like, dear readers, but there’s no denying Ms Hathaway is rather taken with the DoC.

‘I loved the Royal Wedding,’ she told Interview. ‘I was so cynical going into it and, pseudo-political about the whole thing, but as soon as I saw her I was utterly charmed. I'm just completely enchanted by Kate and William. With everything she's doing right now, I say, Yay, Kate.’ See? K-Mid praise to rival even Grazia Daily’s breathless adoration! (almost. No one could love Kate as much as we do).

Need more proof? Here is it: 'I'm just very grateful to Kate for making looking appropriate really fun again,’ Anne raved to USA Today. ‘She's such an advocate for dressing like a lady. So right now my fashion choices are all about Kate Middleton.' Wowee, quite the girl crush, wouldn’t you say?

After a flick through our fashion files, we can confirm Anne’s recent outfits bear more than a passing resemblance to K-Mid’s super-feminine oeuvre. The slightly flared skirts, sweet shifts and LWDs worn with lady-like courts, not to mention the preference for Brit brands including McQueen and Erdem? It all adds up to shameless style-jacking.

kate middleton anne hathaway

THEN, at yesterday's premiere, the actress admitted she'd love to play Kate because, well, 'she’s great'. And after a royal role in The Princess Diaries [above], we already know the lovely Annie looks fab in a tiara...

PLUS, both ladies know how to work a cowboy hat (staple headgear for a Princess, obvs).

So forget Lady Gaga morphing into Donatella Versace, because we reckon Hathaway is one slick of black eyeliner away from bagging her own Prince Charming. And while the world waits and watches, Grazia Daily leaves you with THIS:

kate middleton anne hathaway

Case closed.


by Jessica Vince


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