Grazia Daily watches BINTM Episode 8!

23 August 2011

Oooohhh – double eviction! Double eviction! What’s with all the DE’s this series? Was Elle Macpherson anticipating a mass exodus post make-over week? In the absence of an outcome as dramatic as Tiffany And The Crop, Elle has been kicking potential models out of the Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model house faster than you can say ‘smizing’. Perhaps she’s out to prove that NOBODY is as good as her?
This week, lovely Holly and Amy were sacked from the BINTM academy, Holly for appearing resolutely unenthusiastic, and Amy for not being VERY good at any of the challenges, bless her.
Yesterday’s challenge was a photoshoot at the Royal Opera House where the girl’s biggest task was actually NOT to appear in the ballet themed shoot, as instructed, but was to keep their eyes averted from the pronounced package of their dance instructor. On this score, Grazia Daily = fail.

What else did we learn this week? Well:
Grace and beauty are not necessarily bedfellows. Galumphing, inelegant, ungainly: those are some of the flounciest words we would use to describe the girl’s attempts at ballet. There were stray boobs, gurning faces and wappy legs aplenty. And yet almost everyone insisted they had done ballet as a child. Grazia Daily thinks that perhaps quite a few ballet teachers have rather a lot to answer for.
Anastacija and Tanya REALLY don’t like each other. And they don’t like other people knowing they don’t like each other; when Anastacija mentioned it to The Wanted, mid-interview, Tanya practically threw a fit. We really hope these two aren’t in the final three together. Or maybe we do…
Jess is totally this season’s Charlotte, in that we reckon she might be the big success story of this year’s comp, but we don’t think she’s going to win. But we really, really like her! And no, it’s not just because of her brilliant walk-on part in The Hour, though that was a GREAT sashay-whilst-holding-tray.

Next week - more evictions, more challenges and, quite possibly, Julian reveals that it's actually a wig.

And what did Charlotte say?
A presenting challenge and a ballet shoot? I wish I’d been there this week! It was great to see Imogen, Jade and Anastacija all doing well in the challenge... And Amy 'the Wanting?’ Perhaps not so well! The shoot really separated the strong girls from those who aren't as versatile - and go, go GO JESS! How fantastic to see a slightly curvier girl doing so well. I think the right couple of girls were eliminated, but it was a shame Holly didn't ever seem to come out of her shell – I liked her. I think that if Tanya doesn’t start to improve she may be in trouble... Eeek, I can't wait for next week!
Charlotte Holmes is Grazia Daily’s guest columnist for this season of BINTM and is the compere for this year’s BINTM live, 28th 30th October, which follows the BINTM TV final at London's Excel. The giant live fashion event featuring judges Charley and Grace, includes catwalk shows with all of this year’s BINTM contestants as well as a viewer’s runway, live music, fashion styling, beauty, pampering and a TON of extra stuff. ACE! 

- Alex Butt


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