Patricia Field didn’t mean to be mean about David Cameron!

19 August 2011

Dear oh dear. Patricia Field bumped into some New York Magazine writers at a party and took the opportunity to go on record about why she weighed in (tee hee) to a conversation about our esteemed PM, David Cameron, and made a few comments about how fat he’s got recently. She originally went quite far, saying he’d put on 40 or 50 pounds – of which she thought; ‘it's really bad’. When the PRs for the brand she was promoting gently suggested she move on to another subject, she only said she was trying to make the interview ‘stay interesting, not flat’. *stifled giggles*

By way of explanation she said ‘So I was [in London] doing my thing, press, and some journalist showed me pictures of different people to make remarks. I don’t like to do that normally; I don’t like making remarks about people. [Anyway,] they showed me this picture of David, and I had noticed that he had put on some weight. He was always sort of a good-looking guy, whether I agree with him politically - I have enough problems in America with politics, I don’t even know what’s going on — so I said, “Well, it looks like he put some weight on. He used to be more attractive. When I first saw him, I thought, that’s a good looking man.” Well, they went nuts over there in England. They said I said that he globs food and he’s fat. You know, I don’t use words like that. Anyway, it probably died down because they’ve got bigger problems.’

We completely agree that David Cameron has enough on his plate (!) without worrying what an eccentric flame-haired fashion dame from NY thinks of his waistline. Don’t worry Patricia. He’s been called much worse things than that by his own citizens. We’d HATE this to mean you started giving ‘flat’ responses in interviews rather than ‘interesting’ ones. That would be the real tragedy.

- Naomi Attwood  


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