Is Lady Gaga turning into Donatella Versace?

17 August 2011

So Gaga and the bloggers who follow her every outfit change (well, not EVERY outfit, because that would be a round the clock endeavour, but still) have made no secret of the fact that vintage Versace is THE brand that has managed to secure her notoriously fickle loyalties like no other before. 

However, as news reaches us that Gaga has proclaimed her vintage swirly clothes so brilliant she is tempted to do the unthinkable and even wear one or two of them twice, a la Kate Middleton, we noticed an unexpected turn of events . . . Gaga (in this picture with one of her little monsters, at least) Gaga appears to be morphing into Donatella. The black slinky dress with the gold buttons, the golden tan like a toasted crumpet, the sleek makeup and prominent cheekbones and GIANT black shades . . . does it remind you of anyone? No? Just us being silly then. As usual. 

In the meantime, the Gaga/Versace love-off seems to be taking place on a two way street. Flattered and pleased by the resurgence in the threads her brother Gianni was famous for, Donatella has issued the following statement to the press; ‘I am greatly honoured that Lady Gaga chose to wear a Versace Vintage look throughout her “Edge of Glory' video,”  . . . I am a great fan of hers and I believe that my brother Gianni would have appreciated her talent. Like him, Lady Gaga is unafraid to push boundaries and she has created an original vocabulary by merging fashion, music, theatre and art. For me, this video represents a wonderful tribute to anyone who is unafraid to take chances.’

How we love a happy ending on Grazia Daily!

- Naomi Attwood


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