New Measures to save American Apparel!

12 August 2011


American Apparel’s bid to rescue its flagging empire continues. When the original business-plan of quasi-pornographic advertising, rapid urban expansion and small items of tight neon clothing proved to be unsustainable, founder Dov Charney was forced to shake up his game. And what has he come up with? More quasi-pornographic advertising!! Like these lovely ads for the new denim line!

But contrary to popular belief Charney is not a naked one-trick pony. He and his business development officer Marty Staff have come up with a plan to save American Apparel that we’re actually quite excited about. For starters they plan on beefing up the store’s accessories department in a big way. We already love the deadstock vintage sunglasses, hipster Casio watches and lurid neon nail varnishes that tempt us at the till, but soon they will be adding much more third-party merchandise to give the perfect hipster finish to your Lycra looks. Charney and Staff will be attending trade shows in Las Vegas later this month in a bid to find new brands that will fit in with the AA aesthetic. And it being Vegas, we’re envisioning rhinestone bras and dental floss things.

As well as drafting in third party merchandisers, American Apparel are wangling their way in with other, more successful, retailers as third partiers themselves. Yesterday the brand launched on online retail behemoth ASOS, which will make their little wisps of chiffon nothings more available than ever.

So will you be embracing Charney’s new masterplan and shopping up an American Apparel storm? Do you admire his true grit in the face of financial adversity? Or do you wish he and his sexed up poster girls would just go away?

- Alannah Sparks


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