Jeremy Scott talks trainers and teddies!

11 August 2011


Jeremy and friends (including Leigh Lezark and Jodie Harsh)

Jeremy Scott is an anomalous creature in the fashion biz, who, in our opinion, when he joined forces with a global sportswear brand, (even though Adidas has a name for creativity, it is still a huge conglomeration) to produce on-going collections bearing the three stripes, ended up creating a collaboration that seemed even better than his mainline! (And the only other example we could think of for this was Jil Sander, while she was at Uniqlo – and she doesn’t even have her own mainline any more)

Anyway, we digress. We’ve ALWAYS loved Jeremy Scott, and we just about lost the plot altogether when we saw his skeleton tracksuit, his giraffe print harems and his atlas sweater dress.. .. .it seems that cool sounding footwear mag, Sneaker Freaker, feel just the same as we do ‘coz they tracked him and the Adidas PR lady down for a in depth chat about designing, the differences between the worlds of high fashion and training shoe design AND just WHAT KIND of people are ‘into’ his fluffy pink teddy bear trainers! Here are our favourite bits!

Do you think that people take fashion too seriously?
Yes I do. It should be fun, it should be something that you play with. . . . I just think of fashion as a church, where [fashion people] kneel down and pray in front of a blouse. It’s not meant for that! I want my clothes to have a life. I want people to live in them and wear them and create memories in them, meet their boyfriend and then have pictures on Facebook, then going back and thinking ‘Oh, I was wearing that jacket,’ and that has so much more emotion instead of something that’s so precious you don’t even want to wear it!

Totally! So let’s get into sneakers. Are they part of the everyday life of Jeremy Scott? What is your link with the sneaker world like?
I love that I live in two different worlds. I have the sneakerhead boys that have this whole other culture and of course, I have my fashion people. And then there are the people that mix the two together.

I had a feeling you were a high top guy? How much of you is in your design?
I love and always wear high tops, as you can probably tell, because most of my designs are high tops. I’m constantly trying to think about things that I want to wear, what my friends would want to wear. And just trying to create something that’s new, that’s exciting. I’m overwhelmed with how passionate everyone’s response has been, which has made me feel really great, because it validates the belief I’ve had for a long time that people want exciting things. They want new things. They’re not afraid of it. They just need it to be accessible. High fashion is usually way too expensive or way too limited, or they’re like one-offs because you know, no one can really manufacture this stuff. I want people to have my clothes and wear them and I want to make memories that maybe in 10 years or 20 years, can be found again. And by that I mean a new cool kid like you in 20 years will say, ‘Oh my God, I want this!’ You know what I mean? I also feel like people need to have a little more fun with their footwear. I reckon that some of the things that people won’t do upstairs, they’ll do downstairs. Like the Teddy Bears. As crazy an idea as that was, and as crazy an image as it was, this is my best selling shoe today.

And it’s definitely not the easiest sneaker to wear!
It’s not, but it hit retail in February and it sold out almost everywhere, super fast.


 LOOK AT THESE MENTAL SHOES!!!!  Can you believe they sold more than the ones with wings on? No, us neither!

 So Sneaker Freak decided to go right ahead and ask the great man something that had clearly been on their mind for a while . . . .

Your furry shoes, like the Teddy Bears and the Panda, makes me wonder... are you a plushie, or is it a plushophile?
I know what that is... plushie? Noooo I’m not! (laughs). That’s a very interesting point though, that you make. Do the plushies like it? That’s an interesting question.

I’ll check on the plushie forums.
Yes, you should see if plushies are writing about it. Well, they get dressed up as animals. They get in those costumes and go to ‘those’ plushie parties...


Ho ho ho ho ho!

- Naomi Attwood


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